Palm Infocenter What's cool Award

Netscape Netcenter awarded the Palm Infocenter a spot on it's What's Cool List today. Check it out for yourself! Thanks to everyone for making the Palm Infocenter one of the best Palm resources.

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Maven @ 9/28/1999 6:58:24 PM #
Congratulations! I enjoy the design and layout of Palm Infocenter... it does seem to take a little longer to load than it should, though...
RE: Congratulations
pshlortz @ 9/29/1999 12:23:06 AM #
I tend to agree; i wish a lighter weight version was available. maybe throw all the side tables onto the bottom; and use a plain background.

can we have some poinions from the staff?

not a complaint per se- as i am on a t3 but it is still noticeable. (rendering time perhaps?)

RE: Congratulations
Maven @ 9/29/1999 8:05:46 AM #
Actually, I like the background... oh well, can't have it all, can we?
RE: Congratulations
@tomic212 @ 9/29/1999 8:18:18 AM #
Your complaining on a T3??? Jezz and I thought my DSL was slow... Sure I'm up for any ideads on reducing load time. Just drop me a line or leave comments. Sometimes you have to wait an extre second to get the good pages to load. The server might get a ram upgrade soon and that might help things out. I've also done some backend optimizations lately that should also help.


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