Microsoft Crashing PalmSource 2000

According to Cnet, Microsoft plans to try to lure Palm developers away. Ed Suwanjindar, Microsoft's product manager for mobile devices, is leading a contingent to PalmSource 2000 next week to "actively" recruit developers. They are putting on an invitation-only reception and dinner at an undisclosed time and place. "We're interested in engaging the guys developing for Palm and discussing porting their apps over to Pocket PC," Suwanjindar said.

Palm's CEO, Alan Kessler, doesn't seem worried. "They only have a few developers, and they want more. We're not surprised they're doing it. They are aggressive competitors, and it's only better for our developers. They are acknowledging that the handheld space needs attention. Most of our developers have already looked at Pocket PC, and they know what it is."

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Once again,

I.M. Anonymous @ 12/8/2000 9:13:08 AM #
Microsoft treats developers like idiots. Developers are NOT idiots and PalmOS developers develop with the PalmOS for a reason. It's not like they haven't looked at WindowsCE in the past! Nice try MS.

RE: Once again,
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/8/2000 11:21:06 AM #
But see.. thats the thing, WinCE really did suck in the past, but now the new PPC or WinCE offers alot more than what they had to work with before. Even still, if the commision was good enough I probably would honestly consider porting my apps. I mean as a developer it brodens my work and recognition as well as possible sources of revenue. Besides, some of the highest paid developers work for Microsoft. You almost have got to be an idiot to not consider, if it really is profitable anyway. I like Palm.. Ilove Palm, though I would rather be a great developer and live off of my proceedings if it were fesable.

Which is Easier?

Ed @ 12/8/2000 9:59:07 AM #
I don't write apps for either platform but I'm curious if anyone out there has coded for both and has an opinion on which is easier to develop for.

I know that one of the numerous reasons Microsoft cleaned Apple's clock was that Windows is easier to write apps for than the Mac.

Palm Infocenter

RE: Which is Easier?
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/8/2000 12:23:22 PM #
If you've program in Windows, learning the basics of PPC is easy. Otherwise, the learning curve is about the same for both platforms.

Make sure *they* eat first

I.M. Anonymous @ 12/8/2000 8:04:02 PM #
Wouldn't want an accidental case of food poisoning to put a dent in the palm economy.

And your title is more than a bit Ironic. First HotSync (with the latest Outlook patch), now PalmSource? Microsoft's products crash everything, only sometimes intentionally. When someone learns the location, they should put "Blue Screens" up showing the way.

Also, I disagree that Windows is easier to write for than Macintosh. They are both difficult, but Apple has a method to the API, whereas MicroSoft just has Methods.

Palm is much easier than either to write for. Windows CE is basically "windows, castrated edition", but is still the familiar, complex, bloated API any VC++ programmer would be familiar with.

Why not CE? 1. You have to have different binaries for each processor. 2. The code becomes bloated - equivalent Palm apps expand 10x sometimes. 3. The API is complex so you have to write more code and worry about more things to make it work right. 4. Microsoft tends to usurp good applications - why write a handheld optimized spreadsheet when they forcefeed PocketExcel (compare that to any Palm spreadsheet and you will understand)? 5. PocketPC/WinCE is designed to lock you to your desktop and MS Office instead of being an extension and allowing for any app to integrate - they don't have a Mac version, and does Pocket Outlook sync with anything other than Outlook?.

There'll probably be Freebie PocketPCs

I.M. Anonymous @ 12/8/2000 8:16:40 PM #
They tried it with a lot of PUG leaders, writers, etc. After asking why they preferred Palm they gave them two free PocketPC devices, a large CF card and a bunch of other stuff.

Typical PocketPC device: $500

Visor Prism, VIIx: $450

Palm Vx: $400

Palm IIIc: $330

Note the "underpowered, greyscale" Vx is still commanding a premium over the IIIc.

Microsoft's idea of "Pocket" differs. Note that the "Pocket" reference for W2K administration is a thick trade paper (5x7?) sized book - I don't have any pockets it would fit in. I guess they bring this attitude to the PocketPC OS.

So what?

djeaux @ 12/11/2000 9:09:58 AM #
Micro$oft has money to burn. But they might spend it more effectively writing a Palm emulator.


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