adAlive Introduces Network of Internet Access Points for Palms

adAlive, Inc. today announced it has begun a technical beta test of its network of Internet access-points for PDA users. The test is taking place at the Pittsburgh airport, and will expand to other U.S. airports this Winter.

adAlive access-points are attached to billboard ads found in major airport terminals. With adAlive, PDA users can make an infrared Internet connection and perform a HotSync, send and receive e-mail, and download info from the billboard advertiser.

Users simply approach an adAlive access-point (identified by the red “i”) and, at the touch of a button, they can:

  • download customized content such as city guides and recommendations from providers like 10Best
  • send and receive email with any POP3 account
  • sync Palm applications, such as the AvantGo mobile Internet service, quickly and easily
  • backup and refresh personal data on the PDA, such as calendar and address book
  • interact with the billboard advertiser to request additional information and special offers right onto their PDA.
Rohit Arora, CEO and co-founder of adAlive, said “adAlive offers a one-stop connection for fast, free and easy information exchange and content download.”

AvantGo registered users will be able to easily synchronize their AvantGo content and application channels at any adAlive access-point during the testing period.

adAlive will be powered by MobileStar broadband wireless networks currently deployed in numerous U.S. airports. This network will be used to connect individual adAlive access-points to the Internet.

As part of an agreement with 10 Best, adAlive will offer PDA users fast and free access to "ten best lists of businesses and services for over 100 cities in the US. Each city guide contains original and trusted "location-relevant" recommendations in a variety of dining, lodging, travel, and lifestyle categories.

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What about me?

Mike Knox @ 12/12/2000 5:57:15 AM #
That sounds like a fantastic idea! I'd love to be able to sync my avantgo channels & emails when im not at my pc. Apart from using my mobile phone. I hope the idea catches on.

Does anyone know if they have any plans for the UK after the trials?

If it does catch on there may be queues building up at billboards everywhere! :-)

How Fast?

Ed @ 12/12/2000 8:01:56 AM #
I sync my Palm with my Mac occasionally via IR and it takes a really lo-o-o-ong time. Is this a flaw with my Mac or do IR HotSyncs usually take about 20 minutes? If they are always slow, I'm not sure how many people are going to be willing to stand at an airport access port for that long. And if a few people want to do this at the same time, the wait could get endless.

Palm Infocenter
RE: How Fast?
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/13/2001 11:32:46 AM #
Wow, that's long, maybe too long, you should check the settings again, something must be wrong...good luck!

Great !

DU @ 12/13/2000 1:29:22 AM #
I hope that this will be available soon in major Canadian airports. I would love a free way to synch my e-mail while away from my PC.


ek @ 12/16/2000 8:36:41 PM #


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