Flood of Product Announcements Begins

With PalmSource 2000 kicking off, there has been a large number of product announcements in a very short amount of time. In addition to the ones already noted (PrintBoy, adAlive), we have announcements from Filemaker, Jawz, NTRU, Synchrologic, and TealPoint.

FileMaker announced the availability of FileMaker Mobile Companion, a complement to the FileMaker Pro 5.0 version 3. With FileMaker Mobile users will be able to transfer and synchronize data between FileMaker Pro databases and Palm-OS based PDAs.

Jawz has launched DataGator, which automatically encrypts all data on a user's Palm. DataGator is application independent and works in the background to secure all record-based applications such as a database or contact list. Also, NTRU plans to announce that it is moving its cryptography tools to the Palm OS.

New features for Synchrologic's iMobile Suite allows users to sync data -- including address book, calendar, memos, and to-do lists -- between their Palm devices and Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes servers.

TealPoint Software announced the release of TealMovie Multimedia System, which lets a user's Palm play video and animation. The entertainment-minded app can be used in sales, marketing, training, service, and maintenance operations.

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Tealmovie - More than just video...

I.M. Anonymous @ 12/12/2000 1:35:31 PM #
Having just seen it for the first time at PalmSource, this article doesn't really convey just how cool Tealmovie is. Not only does it play back video faster and with far better image quality than Fireplayer (it's nearest competitor, if you can even call it that anymore) but Tealmovie also supports sound! And despite that, Tealmovie files are still 1/4 the size of Fireplayer files (for the same # of frames).

All I can saw is "Wow!" I must admit that I was one of the people who scoffed dismissively when I saw the first "video players" on Palms - I was pretty convinced that the slow processors and small screens made decent video playback impossible. Well, Tealmovie has totally convinced me. Easily the coolest thing at PalmSource for me so far!

RE: Tealmovie - More than just video...
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/12/2000 2:26:13 PM #
well, just tried it out on a Vx - works fine, but b/w isn't that great... may turn out to be a reason to buy a color device!



How Practical?

WebGrafi @ 12/12/2000 3:43:06 PM #
How practical is the use of animation or movies on a Palm? What about size restrictions. I saw the movie player on Teals website, but was reluctant to get it. Is anyone using it?
RE: How Practical? Not Very
Ed @ 12/12/2000 5:56:55 PM #
I don't think the Palm is ready for movies yet. I downloaded TealMovie and tried a video with it. It was pretty cool but a 15 second movie was almost 500K. On my IIIx, that's 1/8 of my entire memory space for 15 seconds. At most, I could get 30 or 45 seconds of video without filling up my Palm. I can't really see a real use for less than a minute of video. Anyone have any ideas?

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