Palm Expected to Announce Strong Earnings Tomorrow

Palm will report its second quarter earnings tomorrow, December 20. Analysts are predicting that the company will report a strong quarter with profits of 4 cents per share. Demand for Palms is quite high and Palm has been able to meet that demand, for the most part. Palm is currently trading at just over $46, with a 3.5% gain yesterday.

Handspring's week hasn't been so nice. Their stock fell almost 6% yesterday to $44.75 at the end of the lockup period, the 180 days during which company insiders have been restricted from selling stock after the IPO.

The end of the lockup period frequently means a drop in a company's stock price because a much larger number of stocks become available. In this case, just 10 million shares, out of a total of more than 126 million outstanding, have been trading up until today.

Handspring has yet to turn a profit.

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woo hoo

I.M. Anonymous @ 12/21/2000 8:26:50 AM #
good for me (I own stock in Palm)


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