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Qvadis Acquires Editio
Qvadis Corporation has announced that it will acquire Editio Online Publishing, who offers original books covering fiction, travel, history and print bestsellers in Qvadis format. - Qvadis

Fictionwise Now Offers Gift Certificates
Fictionwise.com now has the capability to sell eBook gift certificates online. Just register with Fictionwise (itís free); fill out the gift certificate form and pay for it; then an email goes to the gift receiver telling them how to redeem it. -Scott Pendergrast

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Best Sellers?

WebGrafix @ 12/16/2000 4:07:52 PM #
Can anyone recommend a site where I can download NY Times Best Sellers in Ebook format? Most of the sites I have visited have relatively unknown authors.
RE: Best Sellers?
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/16/2000 5:13:09 PM #
We're still in the early days of ebooks, so there's a limited selection. The two companies above do offer some NY Times bestsellers - for example, Qvadis has Seth Godin's "Ideavirus" business book, and Mike Verano's "Healing the Inner Worker"; Fictionwise has a lot of select science fiction from bestselling authors. Just hold on, though...there should be more titles coming.

FictionWise, Peanut

JD Rainey @ 12/18/2000 8:48:40 AM #
If you are a science fiction fan then FictionWise.com is the best. I've read all of their Harlan Ellison and Robert Silverberg stuff. They have novels now but i really prefer reading short stories on my Visor. FictionWise has a lot of Hugo and Nebula award winning stories and I think I've read them all. Also try Peanut Press. You have to use their reader (its pretty good) but they have some excellent stuff. More pricey but worth it.


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