@ctiveLink Standalone Unit Available

Glenayre Technologies has begun to sell its @ctiveLink two-way wireless messaging Springboard as a standalone module. The module receives and stores e-mail 24 hours a day, even when removed. Just insert it in the Visor to check the latest messages. It can store up to 500 e-mails and lasts up to 4 weeks on two AAA batteries. It is available now for $180. Wireless service for the @ctiveLink module is available through SkyTel's SkyWriter service.

Until now, the @ctiveLink module was sold as a bundled unit with a specially shielded Visor Deluxe for about $430. This was necessary because because the @ctivelink emits so much RF a regular Visor would have problems. However, the announcement that the module is available as a standalone unit makes no mention of this shielding problem.

This is possibly because Handspring has on their site,"If a customer uses the handheld and module together and is not satisfied with the communication performance, Handspring is offering a free Visor advance exchange unit. Details are packed inside the box of the Glenayre @ctiveLink and Novatel Minstrel S modules."

Also, the Visor Prism and Platinum now come standard with sufficient shielding to handle the RF. The PalmGear page makes this clear by pointing out that these two modules are the only two compatable with the @ctiveLink.

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Palmgear.com shows it as not compatible

megalodon @ 12/20/2000 11:50:07 AM #
According to Palmgear.com (http://www.palmgear.com/hs/products/prodoverview.cfm?sid=30638320001128153554.963003016&prodID=384&prodcatID=5), the @ctiveLink module is only compatible with the Prism and Platinum.

I guess the RF sheilding isn't fixed after all.

RE: Palmgear.com shows it as not compatible
Ed @ 12/20/2000 1:55:52 PM #
Thanks for the comment, megalodon, but I already pointed this out in the last paragraph of the article. At last, conclusive proof that some people don't read all the way to the end of the news articles I post.

Palm Infocenter
RE: Palmgear.com shows it as not compatible
megalodon @ 12/20/2000 2:56:21 PM #

My apologies ... you're right, I did miss the "more..." part of your article.

In the future I'll do my best to make sure I read the whole news item before posting to make sure I'm not redundantly redundant. :)

will it work on a deluxe?

David3.14 @ 12/22/2000 12:00:43 PM #
the title explains it
RE: will it work on a deluxe?
Ed @ 12/22/2000 12:38:34 PM #
It might or it might not. You want to talk to Handspring to see if their free upgrade to the Visor Advanced (a Deluxe with more shielding) is still in place before you order, though.

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