Palm Stays Committed to the Mac

In a recent CNN article, Byron Connell, vice president of Palm's consumer markets group, assured Mac users that his company is very committed to the Macintosh platform. In fact, the executive team at Palm has more years of combined experience at Apple than at Palm.

To prove his point, Mr. Connell promised that Palm will release a Mac OS X version of its desktop software sometime after the final release of OS X. The current Palm Desktop app works only in OS X's Classic mode and won't allow users to HotSync.

Another change that will make life easier for Mac users is Palm's switch to USB. "Palm is committed to migrating to USB," says Connell. Until now, Palm users had to buy an adapter to connect their cradles to a Mac.

Cooperation is a two-way street, though, and Apple might not be holding up their end. Apple hasn't committed to supporting Bluetooth yet, and that wireless networking protocol is very important in Palm's future.

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I.M. Anonymous @ 12/21/2000 4:45:51 AM #
Palm is so committed to the Mac, that they forget to bundle a USB plug.

Making ,e pay +$40 for the MacPac/PalmConnect is truly a major oversight from their part, or a grave insult to my intelligence!

Corporate newspeak translation:

I.M. Anonymous @ 12/22/2000 9:00:25 AM #
"We know that Macintosh users form a disproportionate percentage of our user base, so we have to trot out somebody in a middle management job every now and then to pretend that we still give a rat's anus about them."

In addition to (still!) not supporting most Mac users out of the box ("USB? USB? We don't NEED no steeken' USB!"), of Palm's two very high profile service acquisitions recently - and WeSync - NEITHER supports the Mac and Palm has no announced plans to provide it. According to what's now Support, no work is being done and none is planned.

RE: Corporate newspeak translation:
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/30/2001 11:16:38 PM #
Agreed. It's clear that Palm has become driven by finances and has lost what made it great -- innovative leadership. They are too concerned with short-term profitability. Anybody who was going to sell stock because of price drops has done it already. What they need to do now is show the world that they are a part of the recovery (a good place to leave what's left of their money).

****ing around for a whole year on a simple development project that a single team could have cranked out in a few weeks is VERY CLEAR indication of what Palm thinks of Macintosh hardware -- it's a big thorn in their side. When will Apple see the opportunity that's opening up and bring back the beloved Newton?


I.M. Anonymous @ 12/22/2000 3:18:16 PM #
It's HotSync not HoySync.
RE: Spelling
Ed @ 12/22/2000 3:31:53 PM #
Palm's new HoySyncing service is still top secret and experimental but it involves connecting Palms up to a local area network of Hedgehogs, Orangutans, and Yaks. Sorry, it isn't available for Mac users, either. ;-)

Palm Infocenter


Eston Bond @ 12/23/2000 2:27:52 PM #
Okay, why do you need to migrate? Just sell out your supply of serial cradles and make usb ones.

Eston Bond
CEO Pine Tree Software

Palm-to-Mac Serial Adapters

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/25/2002 1:59:29 PM #
Apparently Palm is so committed to the Mac that they discontinued offering their "free" serial adapter that would let me actually connect my new Palm 100m to my Mac G3 serial port. My only option now is add a USB card in slots that are already filled!


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