Quickies: MyPalm, Free DockV Pro, Visor Easter Egg

To no one's surprise, Palm debuted the MyPalm service today, thought the official announcement went out a day later than expected. To drive traffic to the service, all newly registered members will be entered in a daily contest to win a Palm IIIc and a Kodak PalmPix camera. Keep in mind, the MyPalm web clipping application is still in beta. -Ed

Pocket.com, who provides e-mail service from anywhere via the PocketMail Backflip, is now bundling the Solvepoint DockV Pro with every Backflip, a $35 value. The DockV Pro gives Palm V series users access to Palm III-style accessories including the Backflip and many others. -Mark Karaman

Brando has discovered a new easter egg on the Visor Platinum and Visor Prism. Pressing the "Up" button while on the on main screen then tapping the battery icon will show the battery status. -Brando

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What does My Palm do?

I.M. Anonymous @ 12/26/2000 12:47:47 PM #
So I'm on the My Palm page and I really don't understand what it does. Yoou would think they would expalin this. I csee it keeps information for me but does that sync with my desktop or what? You would think they would explain what My Pal is for somewhere.

RE: What does MyPalm do?
Ed @ 12/26/2000 1:16:11 PM #
Here's an overview from Palm:

We say a good bit about it here, too:

Palm Infocenter

RE: What does My Palm do?
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/27/2000 3:46:16 AM #
Please help me understand the difference between AnyDay.com and MyPalm.com? Aren't theu BOTH owned by Palm? Kinda confusing if you ask me. Why have two of the similar applications?
Ima Palmer

easter egg

eston bond @ 12/30/2000 10:32:12 AM #
Does that really count as an Easter egg?

Eston Bond
CEO Pine Tree Software



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