AlphaGrip Demos Handheld Keyboard

AlphaGrip presented a prototype of its new handheld speed typing device and technology at Upside Events' Showcase 2001 this week. The device allows users to enter text at more than 50 wpm regardless of body position or the availability of a work surface. The company plans versions for Palms, cell phones, and interactive TVs.

Michael Willner, AlphaGrip's lead inventor said, "Today we're forced to postpone `real work' until we can sit at a desk and use a standard keyboard because the input interfaces available on handhelds are just too slow. Soon, AlphaGrip-enabled devices will free us from the desk -- to think, work and play when and where we want."

The company claims that with no formal training, the average user can achieve typing speeds of 40-50 wpm in a month, far less time than it takes to learn to touch type at comparable speeds on a standard keyboard. AlphaGrip is seeking strategic partners and licenses for its technology.

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I.M. Anonymous @ 1/28/2001 3:50:59 PM #
I think this thing would really work for me - I'd would use it and get super fast. Think how fast court stenographers can go with an alternate input method. I have always wanted to get my hand around one of the "twiddlers" which were single-handed "chord"-ing input devices in which all characters could be triggered through different combinations of little more than 5 keys. They never seemed to take off due to how different they are from normal QUERTY keyboarding. Since this has the natural transition of also being an excellent game controller, I think it could make it. Let's see some licensing!!!!



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