Weissmann City Profiles Adds 36 New Cities

neohand and Weissmann Travel Reports have added 36 new cities ito the Weissmann City Profiles series of electronic guides. These new cities join the 55 existing Weissmann City Profiles currently available. Information covers such areas as attractions, dining, fine arts, hotels, nightlife, services, shopping and transport, plus basic travel data such as language, currency and other details. Profiles cost $13 each and are downloadable from neohand.

The current library of Weissmann City Profiles available to users range from Amsterdam to Zurich, and includes major cities in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and South America. Weissmann presents facts and opinions in its reviews, and prides itself on its “concierge-style” advice that is unbiased and not commercially sponsored. They are also the only city content products on the PalmOS platform that are designed specifically for the business traveler.

New cities available today include: Acapulco, Auckland, Austin, Beirut, Branson, Budapest, Buenos Aires, Buffalo, Calgary, Cape Town, Caracas, Charleston, SC, Cleveland, Delhi, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Halifax, Honolulu, Jakarta, Jerusalem, Kansas City, Lisbon, Memphis, Milwaukee, Mumbai, Nashville, Osaka, Portland, OR, San Jose, CA, Santa Fe, Shanghai, Sao Paulo, Stockholm, Tampa, Vancouver and Warsaw.

Customers are now eligible to receive free updates for one year with the purchase of any Profile. In addition, specially priced USA and European collections are available for $80 each.

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