Coming Soon: a Michael Jordan Palm

Earlier this month, PTN Media, Inc. entered into a three-year, exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide license agreement with Michael Jordan, the former NBA player, granting PTN Media the right to use Jordan's name, likeness, image, and endorsement in connection with the proposed advertisement, promotion, and sale of handheld computers using the Palm OS.

The agreement provides that PTN Media will pay Jordan a royalty equal to 12% of the proceeds from the sale of certain Palm products, but in no event less than an annual minimum royalty of $1,000,000 in the first year and $1,250,000 in the second and third years.

The company has not yet amended its OEM partner agreement with Palm, Inc. to include its rights under this agreement.

This is the same company that is selling the Claudia Schiffer Palm.

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ok. why?

scaught @ 1/26/2001 3:18:37 PM #
would anyone be interested in this?

RE: ok. why?
I.M. Anonymous @ 1/26/2001 4:45:13 PM #
I can think of at least one marketing situation where this might be of interest.

A palm aimed at sports fans.
It comes preloaded with a sports triva app, or a golf app (Jordan plays golf) for tracking stats, or any other sporty type palm app...and it comes with a sport themed face plate, or some thing.

Palm likes it cause they sell more palms.
Jordan likes it cause he gets a cut.
I like it cause I like to the the Palm OS in everybodys hand...

RE: ok. why?
I.M. Anonymous @ 1/26/2001 6:31:16 PM #
A preloaded Palm is something Handango has been doing for a while. Endorsement of the technology by high profile users simply makes the "custom" device more appealing to the public. Even though his dunking days are for the most part over, people still want to be "like Mike... gotta be like Mike!"

RE: ok. why?
GrouchoMarx @ 1/26/2001 6:43:17 PM #
People pay $100 for a pair of shoes that cost less than $5 to make, simply because they say "Jordan" on the side. I imagine they're going after the same market here. A fairly pathetic market, IMHO, but a profitable one, as Nike has proven.


RE: ok. why?
I.M. Anonymous @ 1/26/2001 10:34:34 PM #
This isn't aimed at sports fans, it's aimed at the young black male demographic, a relatively untapped market for PDA's.


I.M. Anonymous @ 1/27/2001 9:46:40 AM #
palm is cool oldschool. Just like mac 1990, smaller formfactor minus sound. Please give us palm lovers some new tech news, and not yet another mickey mouse palm. Is 'Boy George' m100 the next latest palm news or HELP ME.

no logo

I.M. Anonymous @ 1/27/2001 10:04:48 AM #
read :
"no logo" - Naomi Klein

jordan is still like a god

I.M. Anonymous @ 1/28/2001 2:47:12 PM #
who can sell more palms to the masses than jordan? the guy is a god. someone maybe the guys and gals at ptn are thinking. are we sure it is going to be a palm? the note says handhelds running the palm OS.

who's next

who me? @ 1/30/2001 6:22:59 PM #
OK Claudia & now Mike?
So when is the 'Ozzy' version coming out? My wife would like the 'Martha Stewart' version.


Eston Bond @ 2/14/2001 4:26:42 PM #
More Palm users. It's like having an ESPN palm. That's a great way to establish an even larger user base for The palm. Since I have fractured my arm, I've had to use my pocket PC because it's got ms Word and transcriber. I'll take an m505 though.


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