Coola Inks Agreements with Seven Doc Readers

Coola Inc., who makes software that transfers all types of content between the Web and handheld devices, today announced that it has entered into partnerships with seven major providers of document reader software for Palm and other handheld devices. As a result, users visiting Coola-enabled Web sites can have the information from any Web page automatically converted for viewing on any Palm Powered handheld equipped with any of these document readers.

Coola's new partnership agreements are with:

  • Blue Nomad LLC, developers of WordSmith
  • Cutting Edge Software, developers of Quickoffice, Quicksheet, and Quickword
  • iSilo
  • Qvadis, developer of Express Reader
  • RichReader
  • TealPoint Software, developers of TealDoc
  • TomeRaider
Coola already had a similar agreement with Aportis Technologies Corp., the publisher of AportisDoc.

"These partnerships are a great breakthrough not only for Coola, but also for all Web businesses and handheld users, who now have more choices to send and read any type of document on various wireless and non-wireless devices using our 1-Click technology," said Sudha Jamthe, Chief Executive Officer of Coola. "Mobile professionals--from lawyers, doctors, and insurance and sales agents to teachers and students--can now carry news articles, financial reports, medical and legal references, price lists, resumes or any other document wherever they go."

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Mac support?

nerdtech @ 1/29/2001 11:18:34 AM #
This is all well and good, but theres still no Mac-based support for Coola...

RE: Mac support?
I.M. Anonymous @ 1/29/2001 11:32:37 AM #
We will very soon launch a beta test of the MacOS version of the Coola software. If you're interested in participating in the beta test, please contact us at

Jeff Foust
Developer, Coola Inc.
[standard disclaimers apply]

RE: Mac support?
GregGaub @ 1/29/2001 11:34:10 AM #
I don't suppose you bothered to check their web site recently, where there's a link to a page about contacting them to be a beta tester for Mac support, eh?
Didn't think so.

RE: Mac support?
nerdtech @ 2/1/2001 11:29:30 AM #
Installed the Mac beta of the Coola conduit, and its working like a champ. Thanks for letting me know about the beta, sorry if I seemed harsh. :)

RE: Mac support?
nerdtech @ 2/1/2001 11:29:30 AM #
Installed the Mac beta of the Coola conduit, and its working like a champ. Thanks for letting me know about the beta, sorry if I seemed harsh. :)


GregGaub @ 1/29/2001 11:26:32 AM #
I think this is great! No longer limited to plain "vanilla" Palm doc files, the Coola "1-click-doc" technology allows users to choose their reader type (by setting it in their profile settings) from this HUGE list of partnered readers:

Book Wormie
Documents To Go
Express Reader GT
iambic Reader
Mobile LinkDoc
Peanut Reader
TomeRaider 2
Other DOC reader

Of course, other Doc reader is probably just plain doc file, but the point is that anyone who wants to use a Doc reader with more formatting options can do so.

I'm just waiting to see what all the nay-sayers, who are so quick to dis' Coola with comments like "What's the big deal" have to say THIS time. What are you going to complain about now? The color of their web site offends you? What could there *possibly* be in this great new update to their service to complain about?

I.M. Anonymous @ 1/29/2001 11:39:23 AM #
One caveat: we do not yet support all the enhanced formatting options for all the readers listed at the present time. We will be adding support for other readers with enhanced formatting capabilities in the coming weeks.

Jeff Foust
Developer, Coola Inc.
[standard disclaimers apply]

GregGaub @ 1/29/2001 2:22:16 PM #
Ok, I guess that's a good point. But still... as soon as the formatting translation is worked out, people who use readers with fancy formatting options (iSilo, Rich Reader, etc.) will be able to see web sites translated into those formats with the click of a button. :)



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