Palm IIIxe Reduced to $200

Palm reduced the price of the 8 MB IIIxe permanently to $200 after the recent $50 rebate program expired. That would seem to compete somewhat with sales of the m100, which sells for $150, and brings up questions about whether Palm is planning to release a replacement to its venerable III series sometime soon. Rumors have been circulating lately that the company will be releasing an m300 series with a new design in the near future, possibly at the same time as the m500 series.

Speculation is running wild about the m300 series but there aren't really any facts to back it up. Palm, as always, refuses to comment on unreleased products.

Questions people are asking include, 'Will it have an SD slot?' and 'Will it be able to the same peripherals as the m500 series?'. Most people agree that it will be somewhere between the m100 and the m500 in size and price.

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I.M. Anonymous @ 1/29/2001 6:38:58 AM #
My guess is that they do it the carmodel way. First the posh 500, then the mid 300 and finaly a "new" 100 model. Same lowtech 100 as "old" m100, but the 300-500 conectors. The 300 might be in 2 versions? Guess a sd slot would make the 100 to much of a 300 killer, but the price and use of FlashRom makes one think twice if there is any 300 ?

introducing the m100, m300, m500

I.M. Anonymous @ 1/29/2001 11:09:01 AM #
m100: you all already know and love this.
m105: 8 megs, OS 4.0, no SD slot, USB connector.
m300: 8 megs, B&W, "Palm III like" size and newer designed case, USB connector that matches m105 series, SD-slot, OS 4.0
m305: same as m300 but with color.
m500: B&W: "Palm V like" size and newer designed case, USB connector that matches m105 series, SD-slot, OS 4.0
m505: same as m500 but with color.

RE: introducing the m100, m300, m500
Ed @ 1/29/2001 2:24:35 PM #
If the m305 comes out at the same time as the m500 (March) and has approximately these specs, I may pick one up. I have been drooling over the m505 but I may wind up buying the cheaper model. Size isn't that important to me.

A big factor will be whether the m505 has the universal HotSync connector. I refuse to buy a Palm that will make me buy all new peripherals when I upgrade from it. I'm already looking sadly at the $200+ collection I have for my IIIx.

Palm Infocenter

RE: introducing the m100, m300, m500
I.M. Anonymous @ 1/29/2001 5:38:57 PM #
Now will there be an m700 series... with the wireless capability built in? Or will the wireless internet capability already be built into the new devices (or most of the new devices), meaning no need for the mobile internet kit.

Having it built in seems to fit with Palm's strategy if they want to drive people to use MyPalm. And the mobile internet kit isn't necessarily the most wearable mobile solution.

Any thoughts?

RE: introducing the m100, m300, m500
I.M. Anonymous @ 1/29/2001 5:51:20 PM #
Is there any reason why other handheld manufacturers wouldn't go to a USB connector for hardware expansion? And that hardware add-ons could be used on all handhelds across different manufacturers?

Palm IIIxe Reduced from 216 to 179 GBP

PMYirrell @ 1/29/2001 2:15:27 PM #
This also applies in the UK for once !!!


Tim Kennett @ 1/29/2001 2:36:52 PM #
I own a Visor Delux, but think its design is rather clunky. I love the design of the m100, but it has only 2MB of RAM. If Palm comes out with an 8MB model that looks like the m100, I'll definately want it!

Competes with m100? not...

I.M. Anonymous @ 1/29/2001 5:28:19 PM #
Look, to people that the m100 is aimed at (students, light-weight, often first-time PDA users), $50 is a big deal. Just because some people can plunk down $400 for a PDA doesn't mean everyone can or will.


I.M. Anonymous @ 1/30/2001 3:58:16 PM #
looks like Palo Alto Products Group designed the original Palm Pilot, the Palm III and the Palm VII. Did someone else do the m100 and the Palm V? And so is someone else doing the m505? if so, who?

is this moving to a different design philosophy?

RE: design?
I.M. Anonymous @ 1/31/2001 12:11:04 PM #
The Palm V, along with Handspring Visor, Imac, and many others was designed and engineered by IDEO ( ). It was IDEO that did the mechanical and electical engineering work on the Palm V battery, and the Springboard module as well.



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