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I noticed this on VisorCentral, The GadgetGuru has a lengthy Video clip of the Visor Deluxe in action. He describes the device in detail and plays with some springboards. Click here to watch with Real Video.

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Good Review / Bad timing

Palmcrazy @ 10/3/1999 11:07:33 PM #
The Gadget Guru says on 9.14.99 that the Visor Deluxe is just starting to show up in stores. Which stores are they in? According to Handspring, as of 10.3.99, they haven't been released for regular distribution. I guess the Gadget Guru doesn't have search the stores for his model. I really have to become one of those tech reviewers who get all those pre-releases.
Good review. Personally, I like the Ice coloured model.


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