A Ward Full of Medical Announcements

M2Verticom Corporation has launched WirelessMD 5.0, which offers a suite of applications that transmit complex medical data over wireless networks. With it, physicians will also be able to establish a direct link to pharmaceutical manufacturers, initiate wireless prescription refills, and access physician directories for patient referrals inside or outside the office or hospital.

Handheldmed has announced a partnership with Speech Machines, Inc. to integrate Speech Machines' DictationNet technology with Handheldmed's Patient Tracker handheld charting tool, letting medical professionals dictate patient encounter notes directly into a handheld computer at the point of care and receive the transcribed note via the handheld or from their desktop clinical EMR. This will require additional hardware for Palm devices.

Handango is now offering three software collections specifically designed for healthcare professionals and medical students.

  • Handango Healthcare Suite: For doctors, nurses and medical students. Includes a drug database, medical calculator and a medical dictionary. $70.
  • Handango Healthcare Professional Suite: For medical residents and new physicians. Includes a patient tracker program, clinical reference guide, drug database, medical references, medical calculator and a medical dictionary. $150.
  • Handango Healthcare Advanced Suite: For practicing physicians. Includes a drug database, drug interaction references, medical references, a pregnancy calculator and a medical calculator. In addition, this suite includes software to capture charges and CPT codes at the point-of-care and thereby reduce billing errors. $200.

    Symbol Technologies and Aether Systems have announced the release of Mobile BCMA (Bar Code Medication Administration), which helps caregivers at VA hospitals using Symbol's wireless handhelds to administer medication. It allows nurses and clinicians to scan the patient's bar-coded wristband and their medication during administration at their bedside or wherever the point of care may be.

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