SmartMedia Springboard Coming Soon

There will soon be a much wider selection of memory card adapers available for the Visor. In addition to the CompactFlash one mentioned yesterday, Portable Innovation Technology is developing the MemPlug, a SmartMedia Card adaptor. It allows files and applications to be stored on the card but applications can't be run directly from it. The company will only give Q1 2001 as a release date but they are taking preorders and say that the MemPlug will cost between $50 and $60.

The MemPlug supports all Visor models and can use all 3.3V SmartMedia in the market. On Amazon, an 8 MB card costs $25 while a 64 MB one is $100.

It will come with several built-in applications. A backup app will allow the entire contents of the Visor's memory to be copied onto a SM card. The File Mover app will move apps and files to and from the card. a JPEG viewer will allow pictures to be viewed the SmartMedia Card directly. It will also come with an 8 MB SmartMedia card preloaded with 50 Palm apps.

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