Quickies: OmniSky Downloads, CUERadio, Valentines

OmniSky has posted release 2.0 Rev. C upgrade for Palm V and Vx only. This includes all the features and content of Release 2.0, and fixes a few bugs found in Os Mail and Os Directory. They have also posted a flash updater for the Visor Platinum/Prism which upgrades the flash memory on the Minstrel S modem with new software that reduces the frequency of serial errors.

It appears that reports of the CUERadio's death may have been premature. This week, the company sent an e-mail saying, "the CUERadio module for Handspring will be released and we are committed to it. "

PocketGram is giving away free, personal Valentine's Day digital greeting cards. Just select a cover picture, type a custom love note, and enter the recipient's e-mail address and a personalized Pocketgram greeting is e-mailed directly or presented for download into a handheld and then delivery via infrared.

If you are really bored, you could take a look at Palm's newly redesigned site. They are really pushing the Palm VIIx on their home page.

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