Challenging Palm PDAs

ZDNet makes a good point in this article about the changing PDA market. The Visor has raised the expectations of loyal Palm users and the Compaq Aero is the most serious CE palm competitor to date. And I hear from Internet World that even TRG has a new Compact Flash compatible Palm in the works. Can Palm still compete or should they do what they do best and stick to the OS?

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Other Palm OS Palms?

Martin @ 10/7/1999 9:55:20 AM #
I didn't even realize there are others around? I have
a Palm3 and saw those stupid CE devices. What else is

Innovation is the key

Danny @ 10/8/1999 7:45:24 PM #
As long as Palm innovate and build on the operating system by listening to their users then they have nothing to worry about. By licencing the operating system they still hold the reins and can guide the Palm range into the future. Apple refused to licence the MacOS and backed themselves into a corner, so being open is the best way forward.
RE: Innovation is the key
Tony G the Moose @ 10/12/1999 6:35:18 PM #
The Visor, reminds me of when Apple finally licensed the Mac OS to the clone manufacturers. It increased competition, improved the product but caused Apple to lose money on the OS licenses and development costs. Let"s hope that doesn't occur to Palm. Remember CE devices are manufactured by one company and OS developed by another. Palm got to where it is now by controlling both the OS and hardware. CE sucks because of the fact that hardware and OS are not developed by same company. Any one see the similarities between Apple and Palm. Good! Let's hope that Palm does not fall into the same fate that Apple did 4 years ago.


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