Latest m505 and m500 Shipping Reports (Updated)

Some readers have reported that despite being promised an m505 today, Staples stores have changed their story to having the m505 in a week or so. However, they did get the m500 in today. Many Office Depot stores also have the m500 in stock.

There is at least one online store that has the m505 in stock and shipping. swears they have them in their warehouse and will ship within 48 hours.

Update: has now taken orders for all thirty m505s they had. They are still taking orders on a backorder basis.

If anyone hears of a store, online or bricks-and-mortar, that gets the m505 in, please let the rest of us know. -Ed

Palm itself is still not certain when it will ship the m505's that have been preordered, or at least they are withholding this information.

A reader has reported that their local Best Buy is not expecting any of the new Palms until May 26 or so, while another says hers is expecting to have them in as soon as today.

Another reader report says that CompUSA expects to have the m505 next week or the week after.

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Special thanks to Brandon Nix, Jerry F. Giardina, maddie, Techead, and everyone else who sent in anonymous reports for the tips. -Ed

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Talked to Palm Last night

Jake @ 4/26/2001 10:41:47 AM #
The customer service rep I talked to at Palm indicated that the first batch of m505s had been shipped to stores yesterday. We should see them rolling in this weekend. She also indicated that even though I had placed my order the day before they were available, I was still looking at a week to two weeks before they recieved theirs.

RE: Talked to Palm Last night
I.M. Anonymous @ 4/26/2001 10:54:41 AM #
I called the store edigitalstop and the customer service rep told me they would be shipping them out Monday. Why not today overnight if they have them? So, I would agree that the info you got was correct. They are probably on the way and will be received this weekend and that’s why they are not shipping till Monday. Well, I'm sure Office Depot will have them Monday also if not this weekend. I buy lots of stuff online but because I want the option of a hassle free return, I will wait for Office Depot or Staples. It's getting close to us all finally getting our M505's

RE: Talked to Palm Last night
I.M. Anonymous @ 4/26/2001 2:50:45 PM #
I spoke with Palm today and the representative told me that 60% of the m505 would go to retailers and 40% would go to Palm directly. She also said that Palm would begin shipping in the middle to the end of May.

Ed @ 4/26/2001 10:41:22 AM #
I ordered from this morning. I really hope they actually have the units in stock and aren't just yanking my chain. The Customer Service rep. wasn't able to tell me how many units they had in stock but she did say they were selling them first come/first serve. I'm a bit nervous about ordering from a small store that I've never heard of before but I'm willing to take the risk.

BTW, their site isn't the best organized. To get to the m505, I clicked on the link in the article, then in the Site Map that comes up I clicked on Palm Central near the lower right under Home-Office, then clicked on View All Results. The m505 is near the bottom of that list.

I now have three m505's on order. Here, Staples, and Palm itself. I hope one of them comes in eventually and I can cancel the other two.

Speaking of cancelling, the guy at Staples promised me I could have my $20 back if I got one somewhere else. Seems only fair considering he promised me he'd have it in today and now he says maybe next week.

Palm Infocenter

RE: (m505 delivery)
I.M. Anonymous @ 4/26/2001 11:23:57 AM #
just got off the phone with eDigital, and their site stinks, no help at all. seems fishy, they don't even have the m500 for sale or any specs on the m505, just a 1.5" photo of the product. spoke with a very rude sales person who couldn't say anything about when it would ship, but that they "had them". she said " i'll have someone from the company call you back"- i guess to tell me when they can expect to ship. sounds to me like a floundering e-company that wants to get commitments for sales with bogus info, then get what they can from the folks who don't cancel. beware.
i'm waiting for this weekend, staples said sunday or monday. what a runaround, palm should have had their
sh*! together on this one.

I.M. Anonymous @ 4/26/2001 11:34:01 AM #
I just ordered one as well. She said they will ship either this Friday or Monday and they will e-mail me the tracking number. The store is located in NY and I live in NYC, so I did not feel the need to expedite the shipping. The total came to $449.95, which I find odd because if the store is in NY and I live in NY they should have charged me tax. Obviously I didn't mention that to them. If I don't hear from them by late Monday, I'll probably cancel it and just go with Office Depot or Staples. The good thing about credit cards is that one can just cancel it and move on. If they try to charge me, I'll have recourse. If I do get it, I'll post here.

By the way, I was one of the people who had heard from a Staples manager that the m505 was supposed to be in end of this week. I went in yesterday to check out the m500, very nice by the way, and he told me that Staples delivery has been pushed back a week or two. My order on their website is now scheduled for a May 10 delivery and his store is expecting them around May 15. I think these units are going to just trickle in to a few places here and there and it will be pot luck. I could be order #6 with edigitalshop and they may only get five in. This is a real pain in the a*s, especially since I have to get my wife one too. I never should have given her my old PV. :-(

Don't buy from
I.M. Anonymous @ 4/26/2001 11:55:02 AM #
See my other message below!

I.M. Anonymous @ 4/26/2001 2:51:46 PM #
Doen't it seem odd that this is the only merchant that has the product in stock?

I.M. Anonymous @ 4/26/2001 2:54:21 PM #

I.M. Anonymous @ 4/26/2001 8:04:22 PM #
I have a theory about why eDigitalStop is the first to ship them. Other stores like Staples or OD may have them in stock at their central distribution centers but Palm is cracking down on them about not releasing before a certain day, like sometime in May. Palm may be trying to not get distributors mad at them and each other so everyone has to wait until everyone has got some in stock.

eDigitalStop may have decided it was worth pissing Palm off to be the first out of the gate. Or else they didn't read the fine print are dong this by accident. Or they hope they are so small Palm won't notice them. Or they may not ship them at all on Monday and they are making the whole thing up.

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/26/2001 8:21:37 PM #
I phoned Action on thursday 0800333333
they have the 500 in stock (plenty}

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/26/2001 8:21:37 PM #
I phoned Action on thursday 0800333333
they have the 500 in stock (plenty}

Don't buy from!!!

I.M. Anonymous @ 4/26/2001 11:49:39 AM #
I previously purchased a digital camera from them. Same situation, they claimed they had them and would ship within the next day or two. Needless to say, they didn't ship in time and actually shipped after other stores received product (they didn't have the product in reality, I confirmed that with the manufacturer)! When I finally received the camera, it was broken! When I called to get a replacement, they claimed it wasn't their problem because I hadn't bought an extended warranty!!! Couldn't believe it. Finally, had to send it back at my own cost, and cancel the charge with my credit card and battle it out with merchant services mediation!

Don't buy from them, they are a scam!

RE: Don't buy from!!!
I.M. Anonymous @ 4/26/2001 11:56:37 AM #
It certainly sounds bad. However, I don't think it will hurt me to leave my order open till Monday and see what happens from there. I could always cancel it.

RE: Don't buy from!!!
I.M. Anonymous @ 4/26/2001 12:06:25 PM #
Agree completely, don't be scamed!!

DO Buy from!!!
I.M. Anonymous @ 4/27/2001 1:38:33 PM #
Has everyone gotten so suspicious that we no longer take people at their word? Why should this be a scam? Companies aren't successful by $%#@ing their customers over so I think these people are a legitimate business just trying to sell items their customers want. At worst, they may be operating under incorrect information, for which we can hardly blame them. The same thing happened to Staples. Why all this negative stuff about eDigitalStop when we already know that Staples has pulled the rug from under at least 100x as many people? I'm one of the people who was promised I'd have an m505 from them by yesterday and now they are saying next week sometime. But is this forum filled with angry comments about Staples? No, it is filled with negative comments about another store who hasn't done anything to deserve them from people who have no hard facts to back them up. Yes, one person had a bad experience. These things happen. I can't name a store I haven't had a bad experience with at one time or another. The same goes for my job, many of my friends and, hell, even my wife. A single bad experience that didn't even happen to you isn't enough reason to spread stories that a company is a bunch of crooks. You have a first amendment right to say whatever you want but you have a duty to make sure that what you are saying is true.

Small companies like this increasing our choices are what the Internet is all about. If we drive all of them out of business with rumors and gossip, the only options left will be the giant megastores who can go back to charging anything they want for their products. Why have an Internet at all if it has just two bookstores and three electronics shops? I can already drive to two bookstores and three electronics shops!

As for the people who are suggesting you buy a m500 just to play with it until the m505 comes out, that's contemptible. The return policy is to help people who have actually made a mistake about buying the wrong item, not to give you a free toy. I don't care if you think Palm deserves it for the way they are putting out the m505, the only people being hurt is the store you are buying the m500 from. Don't hurt companies whose only mistake is trusting you to be honest. And don't lie to yourself, buying a product you intent to use then return is dishonest.

-RobZombie on backorder
I.M. Anonymous @ 4/27/2001 4:09:06 PM #
I just spoke with a customer service representative from edigital and as of right now they are on backorder. They did have the 30 m505 however they have been overloaded with so many orders that they are now on backorder. Thinking about just hitting staples to get the free gamecard.

m505 shipping

I.M. Anonymous @ 4/26/2001 12:43:26 PM #
I just got off the phone with a customer rep. at eDigital who said that had 30 m505s and would begin shipping Monday on a first come, first served basis. He could tell me that he had not yet reached this number of phone orders, but did not know how many online orders there were. Thus it is hard to say whether all 30 have alraedy been committed or not. He also said they had peripherals, e.g. serial cradle.

Palm 500/505 in the UK (When?)

I.M. Anonymous @ 4/26/2001 1:17:36 PM #
Hello to all PALM fans in the UK,

I live in Portugal, but I have friendīs in the UK that will buy me my future M505.

So, please to all Palm-fans in the UK, let us know when the Palms M500/505 are available in London.

Best regards
Joao Gomes

RE: Palm 500/505 in the UK (When?)
I.M. Anonymous @ 4/26/2001 3:30:59 PM #
I live in the States if you are interested I will ship one to you.

RE: Palm 500/505 in the UK - what about the freq.
I.M. Anonymous @ 4/27/2001 11:34:42 AM #
Sure we could buy one in the states, but I'm guessing you couldn't charge it due to the different voltages and power frequency? UK is 240v / 50hz!

Anyone who has one of these - is there a power converter switch actually on the power supply - and does the instruction manual mention what country differences there are?

RE: Palm 500/505 in the UK (When?)
I.M. Anonymous @ 4/27/2001 3:19:45 PM #
All you need is an adpter.
0.03A , 50-60Hz

D. Silva

RE: Palm 500/505 in the UK (When?)
I.M. Anonymous @ 4/30/2001 1:06:07 PM #
Adaptors aside, does anyone actually know when will the m500/505 ship in the UK? If it doesn't take too
long I'd rahter buy it here than have someone bring it over from the States.



RE: Palm 500/505 in the UK (When?)
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/1/2001 8:45:01 AM #
Spoke to someone at sales in the UK.

Latest scheduled release for Europe is:

m500 in mid-May
m505 at end of June

Prices (includes shipping)
m500 Ģ330.33
m505 Ģ470.82

Not sure the m505 price is correct.
Seems very expensive. lists m505 as $449 US Dollars. (about Ģ314?)

RE: Palm 500/505 in the UK (When?)
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/3/2001 8:35:20 PM #

Thank you for all the information.

I Guess now all of you guys, have your own M505... Grrr

Thank you again, but I will wait a little more, and check all my friendīs for a NY trip to a Office Depot.

I am also making a list off all NY Office Depotīs listed here.

I have also to check also the on the power supply, sell in the states.

Best Regardīs
Joao Gomes

RE: Palm 500/505 in the UK (When?)
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/26/2001 8:54:24 PM #
you can get the palm 500 from Action Tel 0800333333
for Ģ252.99 +vat

RE: Palm 500/505 in the UK (When?)
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/26/2001 9:04:46 PM #
To any one who has got the 500/505
is the fact that it is double the weight of the Vx
not a draw back ?

Palm M505

I.M. Anonymous @ 4/26/2001 1:56:44 PM #
As of 1:54 EST Edigital have no more Palm M 505 avaliable, if they ever had them at all. The now say on the phone 2 week delivery to get more in stock

RE: Palm M505
I.M. Anonymous @ 4/26/2001 2:31:19 PM #
As a person who ordered one from them this morning, that actually makes me feel better. If this was a total scam, they'd just keep promising them next week to people.

And if it is a scam, I'm still in touch with an old fraternity buddy who has friends in New York who arrange 'accidents".

Yeah right

I.M. Anonymous @ 4/26/2001 1:56:57 PM #
If I were the manager of a struggling e-retail business that was closing down soon unless they had a good April, I would be very tempted to begin taking orders for all those expensive Palm m505's that people were calling about. After all, what can we lose? All one has to do is to say that we have it in stock but we only have a certain number. As long a we don't give out the individual person's number, we can just say that we ran out next week and that our "next shipment" would occur anytime. People who are desparate will want to believe that we have them and place their orders. It's something I might do if I were going to get laid off next week or if it looks like payroll couldn't be met.


I.M. Anonymous @ 4/26/2001 2:01:27 PM #
Those of you who ordered, your credit cards have already been charged because they were "in stock" right? Anyone want to lay odds that they will be shipping any units?

RE: more
I.M. Anonymous @ 4/26/2001 2:15:26 PM #
I ordered one this morning and I'll call my credit card company tomorrow and see if they posted the charge. If they did and they don't ship it on Monday, I'll then cancel it. Big freakin' deal. If they do ship them on Monday, I should have it by the end of the week. If not, life goes on and i'll get refunded. Not so difficult- you make it out like I took a blood oath.

RE: more
I.M. Anonymous @ 4/26/2001 2:21:11 PM #
Spoken like someone who has yet to undergo the tooth-pullingly unpleasant experience of disputing a credit card charge with an unsavory retailer.

RE: more
I.M. Anonymous @ 4/26/2001 2:36:06 PM #
I posted above and I agree with you that it might become unpleasant, but they are a Gomez certified merchant, which I think is My Simon's rating, and all I'm trying to do is take a shot and see what happens. If they don't ship on Monday and give me the runaround when I cancel, I can just call my credit card company and put the charge in dispute and let it play out. The place may be a struggling e-tailer and may also be unscrupulous, not that I have any evidence to say so, but to be in business they DO HAVE TO SHIP SOME PRODUCT or else what are they doing? Just charging customers cards and not delivering for weeks on end? I don't think that would be possible. Give me till Monday or Tuesday and I'll post here again.

RE: more
I.M. Anonymous @ 4/26/2001 2:37:32 PM #
I checked online and my credit card hasn't been charged yet.

RE: more
I.M. Anonymous @ 4/26/2001 3:21:35 PM #
Gomez is a consulting firm, not a consumer protection agency or a respected consumer advocacy like Consumer Reports. In fact, many of the firms they give positive reviews toward (for instance, Expedia was ranked best travel site by them last year) also "just happen" to employ their consultants. There are many incidents of this.

I noticed at the local Borders another large consulting firm is trying to do the same thing. (Ranking the best online bookseller when it was so bad they are having Amazon cobrand and do fufillment on their website soon.) Check it out.

If Ralph Nader were dead, he'd be rolling over in his grave...

RE: more
I.M. Anonymous @ 4/26/2001 5:43:37 PM #
If it were only that simple. You can't cancel an order by calling your credit card company. You must wait for the charge to show up and then submit your request in writing. It must be adjudicated by the credit card company. If it has shipped by then, then your request to cancel will be denied. You then have to recieve the unit, whenever you do, and then return it and wait for a credit.

Staples Bay Area m505

I.M. Anonymous @ 4/26/2001 2:11:42 PM #

just got off the phone with a sales manager of staples in the bay area, and he said, instead of sunday or monday, it will be the end of next week for the m505.
he said the adv. in this sundays paper will be for the
m500 only, no m505.

RE: Staples Bay Area m505
I.M. Anonymous @ 4/27/2001 12:56:35 AM #
When I reserved a 505 at the local staples, the sales lady promised a free game expansion card for pre-registering
AND she promised a free memory expansion card (not sure of the size...she said 16, but she didin't
seem sure at all) for buying it staples. I made her explain it to me very clearly and sure enough,
she's promising 2 free cards with the palm 505. She also promises to have them by saturday or
tuesday latest...but I'm not holding out for that. I'm guessing a few weeks.


RE: Staples Bay Area m505
I.M. Anonymous @ 4/27/2001 10:48:04 AM #
Which staple is that? Can you please let us know. Thanks

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