The Week in Review: May 6 - 12

In m500 series news, the week started out well with the proof that they could use applications designed for Sony's Memory Stick, including MSMount. On Tuesday, Palm finally began to fullfill some of the orders that it had taken on its webstore. Later, we published a followup review of the m505.

Not to ignore the other new handhelds, on Monday we gave a list of applications that will support the HandEra's and N710C's high-resolution screens.

Symbol renewed its committment to the Palm OS this week and announced a 802.11b CF Card.

Other important stories this week were the list of Handheld Computing's award winners and Palm dropping the Palm VIIx to $200.

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Cellvic/JTEL - NEW PDA

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/13/2001 9:24:52 AM #
Does anyone know anything more about this device??
Announcing a new, revolutionary PDA - CellVic JTEL's CellVic is the world's first commercialized PDA that enables wireless Internet accesses through a CDMA mobile phone connection. CellVic features a compact hardware design and lightweight for portability and comes with various built-in application programs such as Memo, Address, Schedule, Ink, To Do, IR Beam, Calculator, Clock, Game, E-Mail and SmartWeb. On top of everything, this PDA always can secure your most important data through its AutoSync function. You will find just about everything you need in CellVic, and it surely can bring the world in your hands.

Micro$oft Experience Ads

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/13/2001 10:46:46 AM #
Anybody clicked on the Microsoft ads scattered around the site? I'm a loyal Palm user but does anyone know anything about this "Mobile Experience Tour" M$ is putting on. I always like to know what the competition is doing.

Click here:

Funny they are advertising here. I guess they are trolling for converts.

Dr. Bob

Surprise, surprise!

PalmPlan @ 5/13/2001 12:48:22 PM #
I think the week has been one of interesting revelations. From the question about whether Hungarian or US made M505s were better, to the fact that Palm shows off at the Cannes, only makes you realise that Palm has gone a loooonnngg way since the introduction of the Palm Pilot.

My point? Well, this week has shown me that we all can look forward to an exciting future with our Palms. It's just a matter of time - be patient.



I.M. Anonymous @ 5/14/2001 9:47:15 AM #
You have caught my interest. Don't mean to budge in,,,you made me laugh b/c I couldn't tell if your subject was the business of palms or personal. Curious in Texas.


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