Palm Increases Sales but Loses Market Share in Europe

Palm maintained its lead in sales of mobile devices in Europe last quarter but by a narrower margin. Its market share slipped to 41.3%, down from 52.1% for the same quarter last year. According to market research company Canalys, Palm actually increased shipments 61% from Q1 2000 but the market as a whole grew 104%.

Increased sales of the Compaq iPaq cut into Palm's sales, going from 2.2% of the market to 11.9% last quarter. Although, as the Canalys report states, "Compaq still has to prove that this demand is sustainable while the price point remains so high."

Color devices were 19% of the total, compared with 10% in the same quarter a year ago. The report says, "Clearly, having a good colour offering will be vital to future sales, both in attracting new buyers and for existing users looking to upgrade. But monochrome models still offer many advantages in terms of price, battery life, and size."

This report covers handhelds, wireless handhelds, feature phones and smart phones. Senior Analyst Chris Jones said, "Any mobile handset or handheld manufacturer who thinks these will stay separate markets is in for a big surprise over the coming months. Phone handset sales last year were 50 times those of handheld computers, but handhelds are the fastest growing high-technology sector. With the arrival of wireless handhelds and smart phones over the next couple of quarters, these devices will be competing head on in a single mobile device market."


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I.M. Anonymous @ 5/9/2001 7:04:37 PM #
palm sales are droping everywhere because the pocket pc is soooo good

Troll Posts
Ed @ 5/9/2001 8:15:43 PM #
I have a question for you guys. As a moderator, I have the ability to delete troll posts like this one. Should I?

I don't automatically define a troll post as one posted by someone who prefers the Pocket PC, as long as their opinion is backed up with some facts or at least some reasons. The one-line, "Microsoft rules, Palm drools!" posts like this one, on the other hand are nothing but trollbait. As such, should they be removed from the forum? Or do they have the right to express their opinions, however misguided?

Note, I'm just asking for your opinion here. I'm not putting this up to a vote. Ryan and I reserve the right to be the final arbiters of what is appropriate on this site. But I'm curious about your opinions.

News Editor
Palm Infocenter

RE: 1st
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/9/2001 9:46:00 PM #
I personally look to these boards for education in regards to products and find it difficult to search ans search for information that is helpful and not just both sides fighting.....delete the junk, please!!

And people, free speech is ok, but how many times must you repeat yourselves??????

RE: 1st
atrizzah @ 5/9/2001 9:49:18 PM #
I say that you do delete troll posts like his. As I understand it, the forum is a place for people to learn from other people's opinions but his statement is meaningless. He represents the people who have nothing better to do than fill up the forums with crap like that and I don't think you should satisfy him by letting his post to stay up there to annoy everyone. Besides, more trouble is usually started by the people who respond to the trolls; One message from a troll can get about 10 messages in response which just compound the problem. This guy isn't really expressing an opinion, he just wants to say something stupid to show how cool he is for posting first. I really don't see any reason not to delete posts like this one.

Peace Out
RE: 1st
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/9/2001 10:24:43 PM #
If this is the worst you have to deal with, then you're golden. I think people can figure out if this is signal or noise. I wouldn't necessarily delete a troll posting like this. I see that you do state you will delete "Inflammatory, Inappropriate, Illegal, or Offensive comments" - I'm sure you can classify this as inappropriate, but it's also harmless.

(It does beg the question "How Good Is It?" :) )

RE: 1st
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/9/2001 11:03:49 PM #
I do not understand, if Pocket PC's are so good, what are you doing in this site???

RE: 1st
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/9/2001 11:08:59 PM #
Ed, I do not mind the trolls as long as they have another point of view, as you say with facts or comparisons. However, I do come here to hear (read) what you and other palm users have to say about palm issues, problems etc.. or solutions, or just give out my opinion...

If I wanted to hear how good Pocket PCs are and other microsoft products, I will be over at some other site where those issues are discussed. I am sure some will share my views.

However, lets keep it simple and to the point, I am sure we do not have millions of dollars invested in PPCs or Palms etc.. If we did we would not be here discussing. Lets ignore the trolls, if you want to delete, It will help to minimize all the corespondence and comments from other people, but as you say... its your call.

My 2 cents

Trolls are like graffiti tagers
MadMax @ 5/9/2001 11:12:07 PM #
Trolls are like graffiti tagers. If someone comes along and 'cleans up their 'tag'. No one sees the 'tag' and the whole purpose is lost.

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/10/2001 2:31:36 AM #
In principle that sounds great, clean up the boards. However, this may in turn promote the "wrath" of trollers who will then try to spam the site on a regular basis.

Maybe there should be a discussion on having to have a registered username (that would include myself...) for posting. non registered users can only read items...

I am not sure if this would solve the entire issue, but it might help.

I guess this will launch a whole host of new posts, talking about privacy, etc, LOL


Autometic @ 5/10/2001 2:35:46 AM #
just registered to ensure i got my username....


Just too funny..
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/10/2001 12:58:05 PM #
I am an ex-Palm user who now uses the Compaq Ipaq. I still come to this everyday, because I love the technology being made in the PDA world and I want to know whats going on with all portable devices. This site is not just for Palm users. I agree "troll" posts dont do much to contribute, but they are just a voiced opinion, so long they are not bashing anyone. To delete the posts that you or anyone else things should only be posted here, because they conflict with the theme or messages of the board is a joke. That's is what freedom of speech is after all. The statement "palm sales are droping everywhere because the pocket pc is soooo good" is as much of a "troll" post as the statement made "I do not understand, if Pocket PC's are so good, what are you doing in this site???" made earlier.

I find it funny, that it tends to be the Palm users who get very defensive when anything is mentioned that remotely may make Palm look bad. So.. I guess.. Who's really the "Troll" here?

What ever...

Marketshare versus Sales

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/10/2001 2:10:15 AM #
Marketshare and Sales figures can be misleading...

I understand that this data does not as yet include the M505, which could increase the color-percentage from 19% to a higher level, however, it goes to show that color devices are clearly not the preferred device, at least for now (in Europe). The report states that monochrome devices have it's own advantages, which is MHO as well.

European prices are generally higher than US prices. This may also have an effect on the buying pattern.

The increase in sales of color devices is likely due to the iPaq and could be off-set with the M505 in the future (depending on whether or not Compaq can maintain their sales).

Even though the percentage of Monochrome marketshare is down, the actual sales were up +80% over the previous year's quarter and the color devices sales were up +280% from a much smaller base.

[ No Subject ]

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/10/2001 9:28:53 AM #
Color is helpful to those of us that are getting older (at least the displays are easier to read). I have a harder time w/ contrast & color screens help.

Keep PPC posts

Stezo @ 5/10/2001 9:48:34 AM #
As an ex Palm user and a curent Pocket PC user I'd agree with ed that we should be adle to have our say here as long as we have a valid point or opinion, but any troll posts should be deleted. They give PPC users a bad rep and clutter up your forum. I still have an interest in Palms and may one day go back to them if I read about any significant improvements from this site, but at the moment PPC's fit my needs better.

PPC so good?

Azure Guy @ 5/10/2001 12:01:56 PM #
Pocket PCs aren't all that great compared to Palm OS devices. Pocket PCs are cursed w/ Bill Gates Legacy-which is a ridiculously un-reliable OS. Palm's OS is reliable & simple, everything a business-person needs. It's versatile, simple for beginners and advanced for the more experienced.
RE: PPC so good?
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/10/2001 6:18:18 PM #
Well Let me see... Could the post above this be considered a "troll" post? Hmmm.. What are we gaining from these comments? I mean the "dumber down palm os is simple" and the "unrelyable Satanic BillGates Microsoft CE isn't worth it's weight" thing is old...But I guess if the Troll makes the Palm OS look better than it really isn't a troll post, huh?
Good Riddens


Ferdy @ 5/10/2001 1:59:41 PM #
i like the palm more than compaq and casoi. because of the price, the palm m100 costs only $200 in he netherlands, but the ipaq costs $800! so i think that the palm is the best!

IBM Handhelds

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/10/2001 4:36:27 PM #
Since the Workpads are Palm OEM-ed, wouldn't they in a sense count towards the Palm marketshare?

k. Tran

re: Troll Posts

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/10/2001 5:45:22 PM #
The fact that we're discussing this at length and with such seriousness means that the Troll has succeeded in his goal.

And don't worry, I know it's brutally ironic that I'm pointing this out and contributing to the very thing I'm pointing out all the while.

k. tran

Good title

Marc B. Tull @ 5/12/2001 9:48:34 AM #
I liked this very much


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