Palm Vx for sale on the net

Despite the rumors that the new Palm Vx will only be available in 'brick and mortar' resellers, it can now be found on at least two internet locations. has them listed in stock for $399.99 (one or two people on the newsgroups have already received them from ecost, so they are shipping), with free shipping. And, has them as well, for $409, but they seem to be backordered.

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Better deal at Value America

Ray @ 10/13/1999 6:55:32 PM #
When VA has the Palm Vx, you'll pay ~$300...not a bad deal.
RE: Better deal at Value America
I.M. Anonymous @ 10/13/1999 8:18:01 PM #
Well. RIGHT now, Value America sells the Palm V for $329.05 (if you're a member) and eCOST sells the same Palm V for $298.75 with free shipping. Seems to me that eCOST is going to have the better deal even if VA gets the Palm Vx
RE: Better deal at Value America
I.M. Anonymous @ 10/15/1999 12:25:00 PM #" CLASS=NEWS> sells the Palm V for as low as $278.95.

Does the power adapter work in 240V countries?

Kris @ 10/19/1999 2:16:08 AM #
I'd like to buy a Vx from the web, but I live in Australia. Does anyone know if the bundled power adapter will work in 240V countries? (I'll worry about the pins)



RE: Does the power adapter work in 240V countries?
Gianfranco Cecconi @ 11/20/1999 4:31:32 PM #
I asked both Amazon and Mypilot, and both answered that we have to buy the Palm V Travel Kit.

Palm Vx

Martin @ 10/23/1999 10:52:35 PM #
I tried to find The Vx in both and websites
but I could not find it in neither of sites.


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