More on the TRG Pro has an article with more details on the TRG Pro. It will resemble a Palm IIIx and features 8 megs of memory with 2 megs of flash. A voice quality speaker and support for Microsoft file extensions. It will also have a Compact Flash card port for add-ons. It will first be shown at PalmSource.

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Microsoft file extensions?

I.M. Anonymous @ 10/16/1999 7:51:34 AM #
Errr.... what is a microsoft file extension? Are they talking 8.3 extensions or what? Did Microsoft invent this file format?
RE: Microsoft file extensions?
Maven @ 10/16/1999 11:46:10 PM #
I believe that just allows the Palm to read files created on the CompactFlash units by Microsoft-compatible devices
RE: Microsoft file extensions?
Count Froggy @ 10/17/1999 7:43:10 AM #
In my limited (22 yrs) experience with various computers, Windows was the first OS extension to REQUIRE a datafile filename extension to identify the application used to open it.
RE: More TRGpro News!
@tomic212 @ 10/16/1999 2:56:35 PM #
Wow, and I quote:

RE: More TRGpro News!
I.M. Anonymous @ 10/16/1999 2:57:18 PM #
"...CompactFlash can hold up to 300 megs."
RE: More TRGpro News! @ 10/16/1999 6:06:44 PM #
I don't know if that is silicon or if they mean the IBM Microdrive, which is (I believe) *340* megs (and, yes, it *can* be used on the TRGPro!). I am amazed at the price -- $329! I hope that is for *one* unit, and not $329 in quantities of 500+! I will not wait for a Visor; I will get this one. mc
RE: More TRGpro News!
I.M. Anonymous @ 10/17/1999 8:10:31 AM #
The Visor is shipping now (finally) and the TRGPro may be out by the end of the year. If your that impatient, get a Visor or a Palm whatever.

RE: More TRGpro News! @ 10/17/1999 1:01:08 PM #
Impatient?! I have less that 140K free RAM on my P3! It's my DATA that is forcing me to be impatient! I need more RAM! (No, I will not get a Vx!) (What does this matter to you, anyway?) mc
RE: Your out of Ram....
@tomic212 @ 10/17/1999 1:29:30 PM #
I have about 35k free on my P3, I can't even sync
with AvantGo anymore unless I clean out some files or my mail. Hopefully my Visor will arrive this week! 340 megs does sound nice though...


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