Visors are coming

HandSpring has announced that the first batch of Visors has been shipped. If you were smart and ordered yours early, around Sept 14, then you should be receiving yours soon. My friend who ordered 10 of them on the 14th let me know that his card has been charged and ups should have them here around Wednesday. I can't wait.

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5 Visors on the way

visorcrazy @ 10/17/1999 11:21:31 PM #
Well, my card has been charged. I ordered 10 units, but it appears that I've only been charged for 5. Handspring really needs to get their system together.

I better be getting the 10 units Jeff H.



Calp @ 10/18/1999 12:58:01 AM #
What?! I want my Visor now! Now now now, I tell you! Now! *stomps up and down* I want my Visor!




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