SPUG Palm V Upgrade Videos

This is not an "another review" of the Palm V 8meg upgrade, rather this is more of a report for a Palm 8mb Upgrade Exercise that was organized by SPUG last month. I understand that there are tons of Palm V upgrades reviews out there on various sites. We have included pics and even video clips for those who are interested in the upgrading process of a Palm V to 8mb. Find out more at http://www.spug.org

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Interesting videos

Justin Ng @ 10/25/1999 6:27:23 PM #
The streaming video is rather short, however I did actually learn a bit about the device I currently hold in my hands. A single, high quality/bandwidth streaming video to watch the entire process would be excellent, though.
RE: Interesting videos
jeffyen @ 10/26/1999 6:34:20 AM #
The video is intentionally short. We don't have high bandwidth yet, but I'm sure in 3 years, time, you can view the videos straight from your wireless Palm XI. ;-)


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