Rumor: New Sony N760C Appears Online

The not yet announced Sony PEG-N760C has appeared on the State Street Direct webstore. As has been rumored, it is essentially a N710C except with Palm OS 4.1 instead of Palm OS 3.5. This means its screen can display 16-bit color.

The State Street Direct page lists the N760C at $500, the same price as the N710C. According to it, the handheld will be available to U.S. residents only on October 5.

This will be Sony's new high-end handheld. In addition to the 320 by 320 resolution, 65 thousand color screen, it will have built-in MP3 and ATRAC3 audio playback ability. If State Street Direct is correct, the N760C will come with an 8 MB Memory Stick.

Sony has chosen a slightly unusual way of naming its handhelds. Each major market has its own version of this model. Last week, Sony announced the N750C, the Japnanese version. Last month, Sony announced the N770C, which is the European version of this same handheld.

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Available at SonySyle through Yahoo Shopping

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/17/2001 6:51:25 PM #
It is already listed at SonyStyle if you go through and enter "N760C". For some reason it is not listed when you access SonyStyle directly.

RE: Available at SonySyle through Yahoo Shopping
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/17/2001 7:02:52 PM #
There are two items listed at The second includes a Free PEGA-USC11 case for the same price of $499.99

The official box contents as listed at SonyStyle through are:
- Model: PEG-N760C

Palm OS ® software version v.4.1

- Memory
4 MB (Flash)
8 MB (Memory Stick)

- Interface 3
USB HotSync (cradle), IrDA

Reflective TFT color display with front lights
320 x 320 pixels 1

- Dimensions
2 7/8" (W) x 4 3/4" (H) x 11/16" (D)

- Weight
5.65 oz (including stylus)

- AC Power Adapter (supplied)
Output: DC5.7V
Input: AC100-240V

- Battery
Lithium-ion polymer rechargeable battery (internal)

Windows ® 98, 98SE, Windows Me ™, 2000

Pentium ® 233 MHz with MMX technology or faster
(Pentium II 400 MHz recommended)

64 MB RAM or more
Available Hard Disk Space
128 MB available hard disk space 4

- Peripherals
CD-ROM Drive (For installation only)

- USB Port
Sony CLIÉ Handheld
Audio Remote Controller
USB HotSync ® Cradle
Detachable AC Adapter
Memory Stick (8MB)
Sony CLIÉ Installation CD-ROM
Read This First
Registration Notice
Add-on Application Guide
Graffiti Sticker
Protective Cover

USB Cradle: PEGA-UC700
Travel Kit: PEGA-TK500
3 Stylus Pack: PEGA-ST500
Modem: PEGA-MD700
Classic Flip Case: PEGA-USC10
Classic Slim Case PEGA-USC11

Palm ™ Organizer Applications
Address Book
Date Book
To Do List
Memo Pad
Palm ™ Desktop v.4.0.1 (for PC)

- Sony Software
PictureGear ™ Pocket
PictureGear ™ v. 4.4 Lite (for PC)
Memory Stick ® Gate
Memory Stick ® Backup
Memory Stick ® Autorun
Memory Stick ® Import
Memory Stick ® Export (for PC)
CLIÉ Audio Player
OpenMG Jukebox v. 2.2 (for PC)

- Value-Added Software
Handheld Applications
AvantGo ™ (Avant Go)
gMovie ™ (Generic Media)
powerOne ™ Personal (Infinity Softworks)
Vindigo ™ (Vindigo)
Amy Reiley’s Pocket Vineyard ™ (neohand) †
Amy Reiley’s Pocket Gourmet ™ (neohand) †
Acid Solitaire ™ (Red Mercury) †
Bejeweled ™ (Astraware) †
Race Fever ™ (Digital Fiction) †
StreetFinder ® Express (Rand McNally)
PhoneMate (MobiMate) †
WorldMate (MobiMate) †
PC Desktop Software
Acrobat ™ Reader v. 5.0 (Adobe Systems, Inc.)
Intellisync ™ Lite v. 4.0 (Pumatech, Inc.)
QuickTime ™ v. 4.1.2 (Apple Computer, Inc.)
RealJukebox ® 2 basic for Sony (RealNetworks, Inc.)

- † Trial version software

- Sony Electronics Inc.
16765 West Bernardo Drive, San Diego, CA 92127
Web address:

- Computer Interface: The computer industry lacks standards, and therefore, there are a multitude of varying software packages and add-on hardware options. This device is not manufactured to any specific software, and Sony does not and cannot make any warranty or representation with respect to the performance of this product with any particular software packages and/or non-Sony add-on hardware option except those mentioned in this document. Sony hereby disclaims any representations or warranty that this product is compatible with any combination of products you may choose to connect. While Sony representatives or Sony authorized dealers may be able to assist you and may make recommendations, they are NOT authorized to vary or waive this disclaimer. Purchasers must determine for themselves the suitability and compatibility of the hardware and software in each and every particular instance. Some pre-installed software titles may not include full documentation. Software titles pre-installed on the Sony CLIÉ handheld are subject to change without notice. Simulated graphic shown on display.

- 1Some 3rd party Palm OS applications may display at a lower screen resolution.
2With LCD turned off. Actual battery life may vary upon usage patterns.
3Includes serial interface

- Model: PEGA-USC11

- Specially designed for use with PEG-N Series

RE: Available at SonySyle through Yahoo Shopping
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/18/2001 6:26:15 AM #
It doesn't list it but can this hotsync with a Mac out of the box like the 610C can?


I.M. Anonymous @ 9/17/2001 6:53:29 PM #
I'm still pissed about all of the 710c owners out there (including me)who have to empty their wallets. I don't feel it is right to charge $70.00 plus dollars for the upgrade to 4.0 system. Sony should treat there cutomers better.

You must not be part of Sony's Target Market.
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/17/2001 7:00:59 PM #
The device is completely nonstandard - belligerently so! There isen't a single port or interface on the thing that matches up with anything else, and Sony has copyrights on all the interfaces! Of COURSE you're going to pay more for stuff - Less Competition=Higher prices

You can only buy one type of net service(MYLO) from one company(Sony).
They kept MS prices REALLY high untill they got all the early adopters(Suckers) to pay that, then they dropped the prices lower to match everybody else.
Hell, Sony was ready to cram ATRAC and Magic Gate down everybody's throat before they realized how badly the market was reacting to it. At least the segment of the market who pays enough attention to care that Sony was trying to hogtie and ride them.

Obviously Sony's target market consists of people who don't /care/ how much they're spending, or how badly they're being taken advantage of.

Sony - Charging all the market will bear, and just a /little/ bit more, since the 1970's.

OS 4.1 Upgrade
Ed @ 9/17/2001 7:02:29 PM #
I talked late last week with a U.S. Sony representative about this. He pointed out that the OS 4.1 upgrade announcement from last week was only for Japan, not for the U.S. That means that just because they are going to charge the Japanese customers about $80 for the upgrade, doesn't mean that they will do so in the U.S. He won't say whether they will or not, he just said that because they did it in Japan, doesn't mean they'll do it in the U.S.

Remember when everyone got angry because the N700C couldn't play MP3 files? Then the N710C was announced in the U.S. and it could play MP3s? That's an example of what he's talking about. The two countries are different markets and Sony treats them differently.

News Editor

RE: N710C
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/17/2001 7:23:05 PM #
quit yer whining and go buy a Palm IIIc!

RE: N710C
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/17/2001 7:46:28 PM #
Yes, quit your whining. People have posted regularly since the CLIEs were announced that Sony's support is terrible. You should listen to people when they post this info instead of running out and buying their stuff and complaining later. Let me know when Sony gives you an upgrade for your TV or stereo, that's where their experience is, not in providing OS support for handheld computers. They don't even get that releasing the same handheld with a different OS isn't a different model.

RE: N710C
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/17/2001 8:18:41 PM #
part of the issue is what can reasonably be expected of sony, based on similar handhelds.

when the new OS came out for palm handhelds (upgrade to 3.0, perhaps 3.5 if memory serves), it was free. not a dime to spend. i upgraded my palm III to the new OS and was quite happy.

so when i was considering the n710c, noticing that it only had support for 256 colors, i looked further into the issue. i discovered that it was indeed a software limitation, not a hardware limitation, and that sony was working on OS 4.1 for the handheld.

my only experience in this realm has been that when the new palmOS comes out, it is released for free. i didnt even consider sony charging for the upgrade to be within the realm of possibility.

so i bought the n710c, a 128mb mem stick, and the stowaway for it.

granted, sony can do whatever it wants. thats what capitalism is all about.

i have recently been pushing sony products to my friends (i have sold roughly 10-15 palm pilots just from me talking so highly of mine), and helped one buy a sony laptop, and the other a sony desktop. i told them "sony has great product integration. once you start with them, youll never go back."

if sony charges for the upgrade, i will never buy a sony product again. not even the sweeeet trinitron wegas. i am still in college, but will soon be out looking to outfit an apartment nicely. i also have huge influence with my friends about what electronics to buy, specifically computer equipment.

the n710c is a high end pda, the highest out right now from what i see. usually these types of users, who are willing to pay the premium, are quite product savy. should sony chose to charge, in the US, for the upgrade, i think they will really be shooting themselves in the foot.

RE: N710C
bradhaak @ 9/17/2001 10:02:56 PM #
Actually Palm charged for v3.5 for all systems except the Vx. They have also announced that there will be a charge for the upgrade to v4.

RE: N710C
martopiggus @ 9/17/2001 11:25:39 PM #
Of course you can upgrade your Sony stereo!
You can software upgrade Es9000 Amp to virtual 7.1 matrix whatever it calls.
And of course you need to pay for that upgrade.

Guys, don't forget you OWNED that CLIE for some months already, you bought it before any average Joe does, what's wrong with it? Are you gonna dead if you can't upgrade to 4.x?

RE: N710C
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/18/2001 12:04:35 AM #
You have got to be kidding! They CHARGE you to upgrade the software in your stereo system?! Maybe for a computer (especially if it's been out for a while, unlike the 710), but to charge you for your stereo is absurd.

RE: N710C
martopiggus @ 9/18/2001 2:36:07 AM #
Of course YES! You don't have to upgrade your receiver anyhow, but if you want to use those virtual 7.1 matrix whatever you either buy a new receiver (too expensive) or buy an upgrade. Of course, there's nothing to hamper the functionality of the receiver if you don't do the upgrade.

RE: N710C
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/18/2001 1:13:40 PM #
okay...i've read enough...

everyone quit their whining. so what if you have to pay? is upgrading really necessary?

for the kid in college who has a 710...dude, you're in college! you find a way to pay a $400 pda but not willing to pay $70-80 for an upgrade (if sony will actually charge for it). you are smoking crack! what are you going to do with the upgrade, play 16-bit tetris? you frickin' pda will not konk out if you don't upgrade.

RE: N710C
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/18/2001 9:43:09 PM #
I have no vested interest in this, just to let you know.

The peoples' concern was that an identical device to the 710 with 4.0 was shipping, at the exact same price as the 710, so people who buy the 710 were screwed a little.

As far as the 710 goes, it's not only 4.0 - I've heard compatibility issues with Windows XP because of the USB switcher (and do you really think that Sony's going to upgrade that???)

Does it support vibrating/LED alert?

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/17/2001 8:52:38 PM #
OS4 features 16bit color as well as the two hardware dependent alert functions. If 760C is only differ from its brother 710C in OS, will that mean these two functions are not available?

Anybody knows?

OS 4.1

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/17/2001 10:56:07 PM #
Are we gonna know the difference between the 4.1 and the 4 one of these days ??



I.M. Anonymous @ 9/18/2001 4:02:12 AM #
N770C have also been available for pre-order from most of this month. Although in the beginning they didn't tell it was a N770C, but that last piece of the puzzle showed up on their website a week ago.

Very nice. I can't wait to get mine...



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