Details on the 6-pack and MP3 Spingboards

Innogear has details on the MP3 and "six pack" springboards in development. The Minijam can have up to 64megs of ram for about an hour of high quality mp3 music. The six pack module sports a 56k modem, voice recorder with an enhanced speaker, vibrating alarm, cellular capable modem, red LED light, and 8 megs of flash memory. They should be available in Q1 of y2k. And if you are sick of waiting for your Visor to arrive there are already a few on Ebay.

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Morio @ 10/26/1999 12:46:57 AM #
I have only on concern, how juice does the thing eat.
Sure it play 60mins worth of music but then when the meeting is over, are you not going to be able to write that chics number down because you just wasted all your juice.
Mind you a four pack of those new Dercel's cost over 4 bones.
Will the mp3 player act like the AAA are candy.
Well anyways I want ONE!!
Would someone like to buy my Palm V for $200, I'll even throw in my dual stylus!!
That's a $310 value!!!
mail me

So, when is the mobile phone module coming out?

Jón @ 10/27/1999 11:05:37 AM #
I can always wait for the Nokia/Palm/Epoch thing, but I would settle for simple hands free-style module!
(this is written on palm v while sitting on the toilet! :))

N E 1 get a free Visor? @ 10/27/1999 2:44:10 PM #
I have read many people are recieving Visors, even after they have canceled their orders. Instead of $200 for a Palm V, I would pay $200 for a 'free' Visor that someone has. Any takers?

Power Usage

Kurt Tappe @ 10/28/1999 11:53:09 PM #
I also wonder about the power usage on these modules. One of the coolest features of the Palm V (aside from its small size) is its rechargability. No batteries to worry about swapping! My Sony CD player came with NiCads you could charge in the player with the included A/C adapter. This MP3 player should do the same.


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