Pocket Gaming from Microsoft?

According to this article at IGN, Microsoft may be working not only on a console box, but also on a pocket gaming device. Rumors give it a 3D chip developed by Toshiba and probably some PDA functions to justify the price point of $300.

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The more competition the better

Maven @ 10/28/1999 4:05:30 PM #
Somehow I think Microsoft won't make it (at least not their first two trys... third times a charm!)

Over convergence?

Justin Ng @ 10/29/1999 1:44:01 PM #
A gaming system and a time managing PDA seem to be contradictory ideas to me.

Seems the next logical assumption is that it runs WinCE.


James Neill @ 10/30/1999 9:18:33 AM #
I remember a story a while back showinw Doom running on a CE machine. If it can do that now imagine what it'll be like in a couple of years. Probably follow same pattern as windows and directx.


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