Run and Sync Quickoffice from Expansion Cards

Despite the large numbers of handhelds with expansion cards, support for them among the large software companies is still unpleasantly small. In an attempt to partially remedy this, ToySoft has released Quickstart, which lets users launch and manage Quickword and Quicksheet documents and worksheets from a VFS expansion card. All the Quickoffice files are synchronized during HotSync. It's available now for $10.

Either Quickword and Quicksheet can be launched from the card with Quickstart. After specifying which application the launch, the user needs to specify which documents or spreadsheets to copy from the card into RAM.

In the current version, enough space must be available in RAM to move all the Quickoffice files from the card into main memory in order to HotSync. Naturally, this can take some time so the application asks before every HotSync if the user wants to go through the process with Quickoffice. According to Danny Wong from ToySoft, future versions will not require moving all the files into RAM during a HotSync.

If all this sounds familiar, this is the same company that created Avantage, which does the same general thing with AvantGo.

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Looks like a neat hack ...

I.M. Anonymous @ 10/12/2001 10:06:33 AM #
for someone who needs this now, but I really hope that the QuickOffice folks are planning to include real VFS support in their software.

RE: Looks like a neat hack ...
I.M. Anonymous @ 10/12/2001 5:45:16 PM #
Advantage by Toysoft works well. But I agree the Office Suite Apps need to support VFS. I have over 8MB of files on my SDC and fortunately DocsToGo offers VFS support in 4.0.



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