SimCity for the Palm OS

Some people thought it was impossible, but they were wrong. Atelier is proud to announce it is now shipping SimCity™ for Palm Computing connected organizers. The world's greatest city simulator is now available on the most popular connected organizers, including the Palm III™, Palm IIIx™, Palm V™ and Handspring Visor™.
Read the full press release here.

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Sounds great

Maven @ 10/28/1999 4:03:55 PM #
This was a cool game... think we'll see lot's of PC classics ported to the Palm? Is there a market?


Bo @ 10/28/1999 4:39:27 PM #
Where is the demo?

ALL topselling games have demos...


Why don't we see a demo?

jens @ 10/29/1999 5:11:55 AM #
Gaming on Palm OS can be critical due to the lack of power in these small devices. So, before spending a lot of money for a game, I would like to try it out. Crippled, time-limited, annoying Messages: No problem, as long as I can get a impression of what I'm supposed to buy.

No demo, no dice

I.M. Anonymous @ 10/29/1999 9:41:32 AM #
I agree. I wouldn't buy any game nowadays without playing the demo first. If Atelier comes out with a demo, I'll give it a look. Otherwise, forget it.


THe Rock @ 10/29/1999 2:15:03 PM #
What I do is download the Simcity of a Warez Channel
and test it out....If i like it I buy it otherwise i
i just disgard it. I downloaded Simcity and it is very
close to the classic....a remarkable game fo rthe palm OS.
what/which Warez Channel??
demo @ 10/29/1999 2:37:31 PM #
thanks... I would like to demo also.
RE: Demo
A @ 10/29/1999 11:34:52 PM #
try #pdawarez on efnet on irc....

Good game

James Neill @ 10/30/1999 9:18:33 AM #
I bought this within 2 hours of release. Its superb. Although no demo let me alay yours fears - it's SUPERB, and there is no problem with speed.

What? No Demo?

Glen @ 11/1/1999 7:32:12 AM #
Most games today have a demo version of their product. Thirty bucks is a lot to spend for a game that might not port well to the palm. Even though it is difficult I will wait for a demo before spending the money.

Great Job, Guys!

By @ 11/2/1999 8:59:09 PM #
When I read about the availabilty of SimCity at Palmgear H.Q., I ordered it immediately...
...and there's only one appropriate comment for this:
Yuo did a great job, guys!


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