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PDAmart has an article on how Palm and M$ are starting to adopt the strengths of the other into their respective strategies. The Nashville PUG is giving away an iBiz Keyboard at their next outing. UGeek has some new PDA horror stories. HandSpring has reopened their online store yet I still haven't received my Visor! And finally ZDNET thinks this cell phone is better than a Palm VII.

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better than Palm Vii?

I.M. Anonymous @ 10/29/1999 12:49:14 PM #
This is funny. This reviewer thinks this other machine is better than the Palm VII, even though "you won't like what you see" when you browse, it's "slow", it didn't sync as claimed with his test PC... so what he's saying is basically this:

Because I can save a few dollars on my monthly service, I don't mind having to wait forever for pages that I cannot read to load in my (somewhat crippled) web browser, and I don't mind having to re-enter every scrap of information every time this thing goes down because it won't sync correctly with my PC.

For those of you interested in convenience rather than inconvenience, I recommend either the Palm VII or something of a similar lineage. :)



why bother with P7?

Ruud van Eck @ 10/31/1999 8:29:35 AM #
both the "connected pone" nor the P7 seem very sensibile to me. i have a P3x, a GlobalPulse modem, with a Nokia 6150 phone. (can be used as a normal phone as well!!).

I use this to email, sync avantgo, or browse WWW online! This packge cost me $200 (P3), $120 (GP-modem) and $100 (phone). that's $420 in total, and NO monthly fees!

So for me the P3x rulez !




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