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PC Week has an article on Jeff Hawkins recent keynote speech Wednesday at the Wireless I.T. show. He talks about HandSpring's shipping problems, color, wap and wireless technologies. Apparently, even his daughters don't have visors yet. Also related is this Red Herring article on speech recognition for cell phones and digital organizers.

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Give me a break!

Visorcrazy! @ 11/4/1999 1:01:22 AM #
If Hawkin's daughters don't have Visors yet then Hawkins is really losing it. "I ordered them just like everybody else." says Jeff. This is his ploy to say he's just a down-to-earth kinda genius and not one of the guys with real logistical pull within the company. Give me a break Jeff. Here you are with two bluetooth equipted Visors and you mean to say you went to the phone or website (is it running now????)and ordered two regular Visors. How long was your wait on hold. Here's some info, I think Hawkins also mentioned that he gets all his PDA info from PalmInfocenter.com just like the rest of us. I know you check the site out Jeff. You should really just give you daughters those two Visors that you used at Wireless I.T. I think that's what any normal father would do! ;)

Correction "your daughters"

VisorCrazy Again! @ 11/4/1999 1:18:28 AM #
I meant to say your daughters not you daughters. I can't type, so what! ;)


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