MS Compares CF with Springboards

Always on the defense, Microsoft published a comparison of Springboard technology with Compact Flash cards. Read it all here. Also PDAGeek posted another batch of Palm vrs. CE debates.

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So buy a TRGpro

Kris @ 11/6/1999 7:21:33 PM #
The stupid thing is, you can get a PalmOS device with a CF slot anyway - The TRGpro I think it's called. (As if anyone considering a Visor would believe anything MS had to say anyway.)

MS stil doesn't get it...

Mike @ 11/6/1999 9:39:58 PM #
MS still has no clue what people want. Even though it's possible to create a multi-faceted software based OS for a palm-sized machine, I'd rather have a device that does only one thing at a time so fast and responsive that it's completely ubiquitious. They have no concept that the killer app for palm-sized devices is ubiquity.


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