Week in Review: January 20 -- January 26

The week started off with a bang with the release of Sony T615C. There was both a preliminary and final review of this new model and word on when peripherals would be available. There also numerous rumors and leaks on the Palm i705, including some pictures.

There was good news for Palm Inc. and the Palm platform. Sales of handhelds running the Palm OS have passed the 20 million mark and Palm itself continues to lead the world in numbers of handhelds shipped.

Also, the group at Palm that creates the OS is now officially a subsidiary, completing an internal split.

In software news was all about games, including TakTik and a review of Serious Sam.

In other rumors, there was word of some new models from Palm itself.

Market Place In the Market Palce, there's a HandEra 330 on sale for $190 with some accessories. There's also a new m100 for $80.

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