Linux on your palm

We've speculated on this before, in our Linux/Be springboard article, and it looks as if palm OS devices will see Linux after all. PalmStation and /. are reporting that OSK inc. has developed a low-power consuming, Palm OS compatible linux kernel. The site has been down for quite some time due to the heavy load. Update: The site is back up but very slow. There is some talk that this may be a copyright violation of the uClinux project.

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Re: Linux on your palm

JtBB @ 11/17/1999 6:38:54 PM #
Can anyone please explain any benefits or bad things about installing Linux on the Palm?

For the average user (i.e. me) what would one need to do to get a linux kernel for the Palm working on my system? I use a Palm Pilot Professional with 960K.


Jon, the British Bloke



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