Palm colors is now shipping

The site Palm Colors is finally shipping it's line of color and clear cases for Palm III series units. PalmGear is also expected to be shipping their cases soon as well. Palm colors cases are going for $34.95 while PalmGear is charging $39.95.

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Palmgear looks like Palmmate

Avidan @ 11/12/1999 6:35:42 PM #

I've been looking for a color case for my Palm III, and I stumbled across this site
The images look EXACTLY like the ones from Palmgear. Maybe Palmgear is purchasing from them (I saw this site before Palmgear started selling). Also, this site is selling the clear cases for $29.50
Does anyone have any info on these guys?
I'm not going to order from Palmgear if its a Palmmate for $10 more.


RE: Palmgear looks like Palmmate
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/12/1999 11:22:16 PM #
I get a "Forbidden" message when i attempt to access this link.

Cool Colors (lack of) customer service?

I.M. Anonymous @ 11/13/1999 9:25:23 AM #
I tried emailing the company to cancel my order about two months ago (I've had an order in since June), bu no reply. Now I get an email saying they're shipping now. They better not charge my card... I didn't ven think they were a real company!


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