Translucent Color Palm Cases now available

The translucent palm cases mentioned on here a while back are finally available to order. PalmGear's store says they will begin shipping Tuesday, November 23rd. Mine is ordered and hopefully on its way...

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translucent Palm III cases

KKH @ 11/28/1999 2:01:00 AM #
I have received mine (a clear one) and installed my Palm innards with no problems at all. It's too bad that they don't include a cover.
RE: translucent Palm III cases
Cypher Prime @ 11/29/1999 10:29:17 PM #
Hey, i was just lookin' around at the 3Com site and saw that they have a three-pack of translucent covers (meant for that white Palm IIIe) and one of 'em looks like a perfect match for my 'blueberry' case, but any of them should blend fine with your clear case. The link is
and they cost $12.95 (plus the rip-off shipping cost of $7.95, total $20.90). But it's a small price to pay for Palm uber-geek status :)


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