A Mousepad for Palm Organizers?

InfoGraphics announces the release of an innovative mousepad to be used with Palm Organizers -- the PalmIT Mousepad.
"The PalmIT Mousepad is a unique design which allows Palm Organizers to be conveniently and securely positioned near the user's desktop PC," says pad developer Dale Foster. Most organizers are used with a desktop personal computer on a daily basis. The PalmIT Mousepad provides a comfortable and convenient holder for handheld computers right at the user's fingertips. It allows for easy viewing of the organizer while synchronizing data with the PC.

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I.M. Anonymous @ 11/25/1999 10:59:21 AM #
I'm not sure I get this.

PalmIT Mousepad

I.M. Anonymous @ 11/25/1999 3:04:03 PM #
This is just a freaking mousepad! If you want your company logo on a mousepad or a Peekacho or whatever, call up InfoGraphics! Talk about putting the marketting hype into overload - "securely positioned...allows for easy viewing..." what a load of crap!

A mousepad???

MichaelK @ 11/28/1999 10:52:30 PM #
I figured that there must be more to this. But it just looks like it's a mousepad... Companies shouldn't be allowed to produce such garbage!

Smells like a Rat!

I.M. Anonymous @ 11/29/1999 4:47:46 PM #
Actually this has gotten me very excited about turning my current mousepad into a homemade PalmIT Mousepad. I'm sure it won't have the lustre or quality of the original, but when my friends laugh at least I can honestly say I didn't pay good money for it. Would also like to see commercial production of battery operated screen wipers to conserve dexterity for Graffiti use.

I.M. Anonymous @ 11/29/1999 5:30:36 PM #
This is totally redundany,


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