WolfenStein 3D update!

James McCombe has been working hard developing a Palm version of the classic nazi shoot-em-up, WolfenStein 3D, seen here before. In his latest update the project has taken a whole new direction and promises to be a very exciting game for the Palm platform. He has renamed the game to Doomling and is implimneting some great new features such as IR deathmatch, a PC level editor and high quality greyscale graphics. It even has features that cause it to surpass the limits of original Wolfenstein 3D for the PC! Read all about it and check the screenshots here.

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RE: Sounds neat! But what's a Mac user to do?
Macs Rule @ 11/29/1999 11:13:42 PM #
I know this might be more trouble than it's worth but if you had a USB-Palm Sync kit or a visor (USB Standard) You can use Connectix's Virtual PC 3.0 to us any Windows-Palm program via it's built-in USB support.
RE: Sounds neat! But what's a Mac user to do?
John L @ 12/4/1999 10:04:12 AM #
I'm going to guess that "PC" actually should read "Windows". I have a PC, but I run Linux! Maybe a Java version would be more appropriate for a desktop-to-Palm application such as this.
RE: Sounds neat! But what's a Mac user to do?
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/21/2000 5:44:50 PM #
Virtual PC is a good solution for a lot of these situations, and it runs really well on a G3 (not that you'll be playing any recent games with it). You could probably create the levels with your VPC and then put the files on the Mac to be HotSynced via that. USB support within VPC requires OS9.

I.M. Anonymous @ 12/6/1999 8:03:40 AM #

Looks Great!

Andy Davis @ 1/30/2000 7:27:04 AM #
I've looked at the screen shots and am very impressed.
If He pulls this off it'll probably be the best game around for the Palm.
As for the prospect of a deathmatch between two Palms, outstanding.




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