Write it on paper, enter it into your Palm

The PBS show "Computer Chronicles" did a show this week where they briefly reviewed a product called Ecrio that allows you to directly enter data from a paper notepad to your Palm device. The web site doesn't have any pictures or detailed description on how it works or how much it costs, but on the show they demo the product, saying that the info is transmitted to the palm, and it captures whatever is written as a graphic file and has a MSRP of $299.

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Denise @ 11/27/1999 5:58:06 PM #
So what's the point of this. Why do I need an intermediary between me and my palm. ( I don't mean to sound like a parody of Brroke and her calvins). If I have that much data to enter I'd enter it with my Go type or directly into the palm desktop. Not to mention why I'd pay as much d for something that cost as much as my IIX is beyond me?!
RE: erico
Jim @ 11/27/1999 6:15:31 PM #
it seems to me as sort of a CrossPad with a palm attached. Some people write faster then they type and its easier to carry around than a computer to enter info into the palm desktop. Its obviously not for everybody, but its interesting to see where things are going and what's possible.
RE: erico
Dan @ 11/27/1999 7:30:59 PM #
Looking at their web site, I would say that were are talking about vaporware here.

On their web site, they do not have any real photographs of the product, just drawings. There is not mention of pricing or shipping schedules.

RE: erico
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/29/1999 7:56:26 AM #
Just what we need, another item to carry around.


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