Silkyboard - Palm keyboard, now available in US.

Softava Company announces the commercial release of the Silkyboard - a new keyboard for Palms that fits on the Graffiti writing area and also serves as a screen protector. With Silkyboard you can write Graffiti strokes while using the keyboard and enter up to 40 words per minute. The promotional price of $25.95 will only be available to you at this site until December 10. More...

Calvin O. Parker of Calvin's PGHQ FAQ says: "This is a great product! It will help those that never quite get the hang of Graffiti, and at the same time should help seasoned Graffiti users with some of the harder to remember letters. Add to that you still can use Graffiti *AND* it's a screen protector, and you just can't lose. Highly recommended."

"We were amazed by the combination of power and simplicity of this product. Silkyboard notably simplifies text entry to Palm. It is a perfect solution for those who prefer typing rather than handwriting." Award at "Palm branch" contest held by 3COM, PC Magazine, Maccentre.

"It is really faster than I thought it would be (and more accurate). The ingenious feature of Silkyboard is that you can use Graffiti while it is fully enabled! Good techniques that add functionality in limited space. Silkyboard is a worthy newcomer in the market of text-input alternatives." Josh Forman

Visit for more information.

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