TRGpro NO retail sales planned

The TRGpro, still expected to ship by the end of December, will not be marketed or sold in traditional retail stores. Instead, like the Visor, it will only be sold online. Not wanting to go through a HS ordeal, Mike Cane sent them an inquiry to check if they had plans to sell the devices in retail stores. Click the Read More button for their response.

Thank you for your interest in our new TRGpro(TM)!

At this time, TRG is not planning to market the TRGpro(TM) in retail stores; it will be available direct through TRG on our web site @ , through Yahoo, or through resellers and distributors for enterprise use.

We are expecting the first TRGpro(TM) units to begin shipping out at the end of this month. We are currently accepting advance orders on our website @ ; these orders will receive priority when the units are available to ship. Your credit card of course will not be charged until the actual date of shipment.

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I.M. Anonymous @ 12/6/1999 5:45:31 PM #
I ordered my TRGpro on Friday, and emailed on Saturday evening, asking if they were expected to ship in time for Christmas. I received a response today that they did not have a final date yet (other than the end of the month), but not to expect them before Christmas. I was quite impressed, though, with the quick reply, and with the fact that the Customer Service Supervisor who responded, answered my particular questions (it wasn't merely a form letter). Further, she did not respond with an air of "don't call us, we'll call you" but suggested that I "feel free" to check back with her because she may receive specific shipping dates soon. I realize it's still not a clear response, but it *is* a response, and I believe it was handled as well as possible [unless of course she would have said that they would love to give one to me just because I'm a great person :-)]. Regardless, I received an email confirmation of my order within minutes, and a prompt response to my questions on the very next business day after I emailed. I'm certainly pleased thus far. This has been better than the responses I've gotten from Palm (I currently have a IIIx). I can't wait for my TRGpro.


RE: TRGpro
Keith @ 1/13/2000 9:24:44 PM #
I have only recieved very good customer support from TRG.

They had a slight issue with the wrong IR doors being issued with the units. (manufacturing)

Before I could even open the boxes, I recieved a call from our rep and an email from Customer service. The correct doors where delivered to me promptly.

I recieved no complaints from any my users (replacement was so quick no one even realized it was an issue)

This kind of Customer service is very hard to find these days. and the TRGpro is outstanding.

thats interesting.... Im still waiting for an answer

Bikemaniac @ 12/6/1999 11:21:07 PM #
I emailed and asked the same question? Who will be selling it as I was interested in buying it from COMPUSA or BESTBUY that have the replacement insurance that you can buy with it. Then I asked if they had such a plan. Its been a week no answer. I was so impressed with thier unit, I wish I could say the same about thier follow up...

TRGpro Customer Service?

I.M. Anonymous @ 12/7/1999 7:47:02 AM #
Perhaps you should try emailing to the address I did: I hope my experience wasn't an anomaly. I'm usually an early adopter of technology, but don't typically try sight unseen. I've heard only good things about their products, but as we all know, there are many other important factors besides a company's products. For those with prior experiences with TRG, what have been your experiences with their customer service?


RE: TRGpro Customer Service?
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/8/1999 12:35:06 PM #
Hi Everyone. I sent another series of questions to TRGpro again (this time at, and received a prompt, courteous, and thorough reply. I'm sold on their customer service. I emailed several questions at 5pm yesterday and received a reply by 11:30 this morning. I've had no prior experiences with TRG, except for the email above, and this entire experience has been very positive. I'm quite excited about the product, and (thus far) the customer service also seems great.


RE: TRGpro Customer Service? @ 12/8/1999 4:03:59 PM #
TRG has been good to reply to my emails promptly too. Two different people from TRG have sent me email, in fact. Too bad the product will not be in stores. That is a mistake! mc


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