Nashville PUG Meeting Announcement

Our second meeting is this weekend, Saturday, December 11th at 9:00am. Our guest speaker will be one of our members, Ben Frost of Micro Tech, LLC. His topic is about how he began programming for the Palm O/S. He'll also have on hand a Symbol Technologies 1500 for us to play with.

In addition, we have a TON of door prizes. has provided free CD's of their "Yodlee2Go" software, plus we have Palm III T-Shirts and Comdex goodies to give away as well. Rest assured, if you attend, you will go home with something. More...

1. Welcome
2. Announcements
3. "What I Did Last Summer /or/ How I began programming for the Palm" - Ben Frost, MicroTech, LLC.
4. Comdex Report - Michael Ashby
5. 30 Days with the Palm VII - Michael Ashby
6. "Show & Tell"
7. Feedback and General Discussion
8. Giveaways - Palm T-Shirts, Goodies from Comdex and software from

For more information, please stop by the NPUG web site at

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