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We all smile at the thought of money, and most of us turn the cheek when it comes to managing the thought of money. Count those pennies no more. LandWare, Inc., who brought us the innovative GoVox Voice Recorder, the GoType keyboard, and the popular Gulliver, has teamed up with Intuit, developers of Quicken, to help manage our money with a simple, convenient, 'anytime, anywhere' companion you will come to know as PocketQuicken.
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Pat Karowich @ 12/12/1999 11:45:29 AM #
I have been using the Desktop Quicken since it changed to a Windows environment product in the early 90's. I have also been using the PocketQuicken product since it first became availible in early 99. I have also upgrade my Desktop Quicken 99 to the Quicken 2000 product and have noticed no problems with the data tranfer from the PocketQuicken. Just some history.

I do like the PocketQuicken from Landware for its simplicity. What I use to do is charge up expenses and keep the reciepts in my wallet until I got home from a business trip and then input them into Quicken Desktop to keep track of my account balances. Now all I do is tap it into my Palm IIIx using the PocketQuicken software and I'm done. I have a realtime record of all my account balances (I have 4 accounts and 2 credit cards). As far as Hotsync, just push the button as you normally do and it inputs the data into the Quicken Desktop. Next time you start up Quicken it will prompt you to review the new transactions to ensure their correct, thats it. The setup software for the Palmtop was pretty easy and does not take much time. If you like to know your account balances at all times, I would recommend this product to you. One more thing, I have been using PocketQuicken for getting close to a year and haven't lost any data as of yet. Not bad.

RE: PocketQuicken
I.M. Anonymous @ 4/12/2001 3:04:45 AM #
Have you tried it with Quicken 2001? I can't get it to Hot Sync at all even though they claim it is compatible. I tried all their fixes on their support page to no avail. Just wondering if anyone else has gotten Pocket Quicken 1.01 to work with Quicken 2001.



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