Omnisky on Palm IIIx service

elondon wrote OmniSky to check on their plans for Palm III series wireless support... For the beta period we will only be testing our service on the Palm V/Vx series. After the beta we will be investigating carrying our service over to other devices - check our website at for updates.

For any other questions or for technical assistance, visit our website at or call us toll free at 800.860.5767 Thank you for your interest in OmniSky.
On Thu, 09 December 1999, "elondon" wrote:
> Do you have plans for a Palm IIIX service?

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What about the IIIe

Joe @ 12/23/1999 10:30:55 AM #
Will there be support for the IIIe? So far it seems nothing much is available for the IIIe, if I would have known that ahead of time I would have saved more money to get the IIIx...darn!


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