PalmUser full-colour magazine launched

Palmtop Publications is proud to announce the first issue of PalmUser magazine, the bimonthly journal for PalmPilot and Palm organiser owners worldwide, printed in full colour throughout.

People may already know Palmtop Publications from the hugely successful Palmtop magazine, the premier journal for Psion palmtop owners - also in full colour, with a bimonthly print run well into five figures and subscribers in more than 100 countries. Using expertise gained from Palmtop’s production, we've tailored PalmUser specifically to the Palm experience. More...

PalmUser, a full 80 pages thick, features a mix of news and in-depth reviews, tutorials and features. Regular Hints and Tips and Q&A sections help to build PalmUser into a library resource that readers will want to refer to again and again. Each issue also features competitions, with a Palm V and copies of the commercial HandMail to be won in the very first issue.

Early subscribers are able to take advantage of a special '7 for the price of 6' offer, plus an extra free gift to all subscribers that is to be announced shortly.

Contacts and ordering:
Subscription hotline: +44 1869 249 287
Fax: +44 1869 246 043

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$55 for 7 magazines!!!!!!?

I.M. Anonymous @ 12/11/1999 7:43:11 PM #
a bit steep eh? No thanks


Dan @ 12/14/1999 12:25:50 PM #
Millionaires only need apply.


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