New CE devices coming?

C|Net has an article on some new CE devices expected, but as usual it focuses on the problems facing the "Windows Powered" camp. No new features or products are mentioned in detail, the focus is given to the suit filed against HP, Philips and others over audio technology and the latest desertions of CE.

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Why is this here?

I.M. Anonymous @ 12/13/1999 1:51:11 PM #
PalmInfoCenter should be providing me with information about Palm devices. I don't care if someone is giving CE machines away for free! I'll never use one again, as long as a Palm device is still available.


@tomic212 @ 12/13/1999 1:56:50 PM #
I posted this article because it illustrates the continuing decline of Windows CE. It is relevant to Palm because it shows that our Enemy number 1 (M$ CE) isn't making much ground against Palm. CE is losing support; companies are suing each other and there are no new significant devices planed. CE might not be headed towards entropy, but for the time being there is no real threat to Palms market dominance.


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