Never Been Brighter for the Palm OS

Jesse Berst, Editorial Director of ZDNet, gives his take on why things have never been brighter for the Palm OS. He used to think that CE moght overtake Palm, now he thinks the Palm platform will dominate the handheld space for the next two years at least. Go here for the article.

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Palm OS

Dean Wight @ 12/27/1999 1:14:25 PM #
Berst gives lots of reasons for Palm's success, all of them good ones. But he leaves out the most important: Palm OS succeeds because it is designed to be a palmtop operating system. WinCE doesn't, because it's a dumbed-down desktop operating system.

When you start from scratch, and you have a pretty good idea of the capabilities to be included, you can build a great system. This fact will be important to remember as the Palm and its OS are grafted into cell phones and God knows what else. There will be a strong temptation to hang a lot of junk on the Palm OS, and it may end up looking like Windows 3.1.



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