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There are a number of different ways you can get the latest news from the Palm Infocenter. The easiest way to take the site with you is via our AvantGo channel or with the SiteScooper palm app. You can also get our news on GeekBoys.org or with the NewsClipper. And it appears that my email address for Palm Graveyard submissions has been bouncing back, so if you tried to send one in try resending it here.

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Joseph @ 12/29/1999 2:22:06 AM #
I tried visiting the AvantGo channel, I just get some crap ... and the SiteScooper gives me 1KB Doc files, with nothing in them ... WHAT DO I DO!??
@tomic212 @ 12/30/1999 10:42:08 AM #
Send me an email at webmaster@palminfocenter.com class=news>webmaster@palminfocenter.com and let me know what kind of problems you're having and I'll see if I can help.


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